Samsung exploded on the plane this time, but Note2

Samsung on the plane exploded but is Note2 Sina mobile phone news on September 24th morning news, last month because Samsung Note7 explosion is really much Mancheng situation. But no evil blessing is not one-way, seeing the Note7 recall immediately after shipment will once again, a new explosion came. The explosion occurred on the plane, but the protagonist became Galaxy Note 2. According to foreign media reports, an official of the General Administration of civil aviation of India described in from Singapore to India in the southern city of Chennai India flight, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery spontaneous events. And because the phone was stored in the checked luggage rack, so there is no casualties, but the trunk out of smoke and odor. After the temporary rescue crew, spontaneous combustion was quickly controlled, did not cause significant losses. After this, the India Civil Aviation Administration issued a ban on the use of the flight, open or charging Samsung Note series of communications, and India civil aviation regulatory authorities DGCA also launched a formal investigation. But in view of the Galaxy Note 2 belongs to release four years old models, battery product purchase channels is unknown, still can not determine the matter and the recent "Samsung Note7 explosion with vigour and vitality" is associated with. (Wang Di) on the Samsung Note7 battery of spontaneous combustion for more information, please see the "Samsung Note7 explosion: like walking in tall buildings". For all the details of the matter, please review the Sina technology.相关的主题文章: