Scientific Facts Of The Universal

Attraction Science and the universal laws. It seems like something that can’t work in .bination with each other. Where science is backed by analytical tests, results, statistics and proof the universal laws are spiritual in nature. And as with most spiritual matters, there is usually no way to back it up by science. Sure, they can proof until a certain extend that ghosts exist. They use special and often very expensive equipment to measure the energy in the air and in that way determine the change of energy inside a room where there are supposed to be ghosts. They even use all kind of special camera’s and infra-red equipment to try getting it on tape for the rest of the world to see. But other then seeing those energy changes and sometimes movement in materials in a room, or whatever, they haven’t succeeded until now and science still didn’t proof it was there. But because the spiritual is often untouchable, it is interesting research material for scientists. They try to collect all kind of data out of the things they can research and based on those findings, change their approach. There is another explanation for the change of energy. This is that it can also happen because the belief in the room is so strong, that a shift of energy occurs as a result. Now, because science did proof this fact, this is a more logical reason behind the shift in energy. I don’t really want to debate if ghosts exist or not. I want to tell you something that IS back by science. The fact that the belief system, or energy signals a human being sends out, are so strong, that is can move objects. And since science proofs the energy theory, it’s a more likely explanation as the "ghost theory". But if our belief system is so powerful that it can even move objects, how can you use it to move the reality you are living in right now? There is no exact scientific explanation for that, but the spiritual answer is clear and simple: You can change reality by changing your belief of what the reality you are in right now really is. This simply means making a small change in your mindset to attract other things you’ve been attracting before. When you do this, you’ll start to enter a whole different dimension that you never redeemed possible before. The fact is that for most people this seems too .plicated. Will you be bothered by that? Or will you start living life on your own terms? You choose. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: