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Food-and-Drink Liquor stores are no place for a busy guy on the go. If you have a home bar you should also be able to afford the simple luxury of knowing it is stocked with all of your preferred wines and spirits. What is the point to such a luxury if you still have to slump into a discount liquor store and lug a bunch of bags of clanking bottles back home? Do you really have time when you leave the office after a twelve hour work day to go shopping, just so you can get home and splash some single malt whiskey in a tumbler? I sure don’t. Instead I order wine online. Liquor too. When I get in to my apartment night after night there is always something worth drinking. I love walking into the bar in my remodeled basement and finding all of my favorite scotch whiskey brands, I have a wealth of options to offer guests and some great choices just for kicking back and watching the movie Waterworld for the forty-sixth time. For me growing up, owning your own well stocked bar was the luxury I most wanted to have. I watched the Love Boat and enjoyed the way passengers gathered around the bar, I thought "If I had that in my home everyone would gather around me." When I was a teenager my Uncle got his home remodeled with a bar being put in. I was in aw. It was a thrill just to see my childhood thoughts .e to life. He had parties all the time and he, behind his own bar loaded with scotch and whiskey, not to mention anything else a guy could want was the center of attention. I wanted that. I would be damned if I did not then spend my twenties and early thirties trying to earn the in.e to buy a home and buy the bar. Mission ac.plished. Here I am many years later and my Uncle who I was once so envious and worshipful of .es to my scotch and whiskey stocked bar. We laugh about how owning a private bar in which we choose the guest list is the ultimate fantasy of young Irish wealth. We cheers and sip. We have a great time. I have such a pride in my bar and I keep it stocked shopping online. Every few weeks I get packages delivering new wines and discount liquors. It is like an unending faucet of booze. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: