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SEC CEO Haijian to withdraw 4399 Luo on insider trading charges 4399 CEO Luo Haijian (pictures from the network) in new network on 14 February, 14 morning news, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Homepage |, referred to as SEC) in January 29th, unconditional revocation of civil litigation, the game company 4399 CEO Luo Haijian on insider trading, the court has been thawing of its assets. In June 24, 2015 SEC filed a lawsuit against 4399CEO Luo Haijian, said in June 17th the Qihoo 360 announced the privatization plan before the use of insider information to trade stocks. In this paper, "said Luo Haijian greatcoincidence" buying options to buy Qihoo, and a profit of $1 million. After the incident, in order to prevent the destruction of evidence SEC has received emergency court order to freeze the Luo Haijian account information in the process of regulatory authorities in the investigation. However, after half a year after the investigation, recently 4399 CEO Luo Haijian Losangeles lawyer Gabriel Cole Vail (Gabriel Colwell) said in a statement, in the strict and active investigation and inquiry process, SEC has officially withdraw the charges against Mr Luo Haijian, with Mr. Luo Haijian for this transaction is "consistent with our trading history". At the same time. El also indicated that the SEC in the first lawsuit is the lack of evidence, and the subsequent SEC also failed to prove China citizen Luo Haijian in 2015 to buy the option of the Qihoo is based on insider information, it became clear. 4399 companies and game products have not received the impact of the incident, Luo Haijian himself has not yet made a speech in the media for the withdrawal of insider trading. Qihoo 360 has received prior to the date of the China Merchants Bank and two other joint-stock commercial banks will serve as the lead for a total of $3 billion 400 million (more than 22 billion yuan of debt financing).

SEC撤销对4399 CEO骆海坚关于内幕交易的指控 4399 CEO骆海坚(图片来自网络)   中新网2月14日电14日早间消息,美国证券交易委员会(U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission | Homepage,简称SEC)已于1月29日无条件撤销对游戏公司4399 CEO骆海坚关于内幕交易的民事诉讼,同时,法院已对其资产解冻。   SEC于2015年6月24日对4399CEO骆海坚提出诉讼,称其在6月17日奇虎360私有化方案宣布之前利用内幕消息进行股票交易。文中称骆海坚“极为巧合地”买入了奇虎的买入期权,并获利100万美元。在事发后,SEC为防止其在监管部门调查过程中销毁证据已经获得紧急法庭令以冻结骆海坚的账户信息。   然而,经过半年的调查工作后,近日4399公司首席执行官骆海坚的洛杉矶代表律师加布里埃尔-科尔维尔(Gabriel Colwell)公开发表声明称,在严谨以及积极的调查以及问询过程后,SEC已经正式撤销对骆海坚先生的指控,认同骆海坚先生针对此事的交易行为是“符合其一贯交易历史”的。同时布里埃尔也表明, SEC在第一次提起诉讼时即证据不足,而SEC后续也未能证明中国公民骆海坚在2015年买入奇虎的买入期权是基于内幕消息,事情变得明朗。   4399公司及游戏产品均未收到该事件影响,骆海坚本人目前尚未在媒体针对内幕交易的撤诉进行发言。   奇虎360日前已获得招商银行和另外两家股份制商业银行将作为牵头行提供总额为34亿美元(超过220亿元人民币)的债务融资。相关的主题文章: