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Shaanxi, Xianyang: electric cars are not allowed to engage in the express business – Sohu News Express tricycle to register, the uniform implementation of the listing driving…… Yesterday, the China Daily reporter from the Xianyang Postal Bureau, October 20th, Xianyang City postal management departments will jointly with the traffic police, the express tricycle city travel to carry out special rectification actions, to focus on remediation of the tricycle courier not for the record, driving violations and other issues. Express three rounds must be unified logo Xianyang postal administration and the Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau for the first time to develop on the specification of the city express special electric tricycle Management opinions on the recent release. Previously only on the Express brand requires uniform appearance." Yesterday, the staff of the Xianyang Postal Administration introduced, combined with the Xianyang express tricycle variety, difficult to update models, the identity is not unified, management is not standardized, by strengthening the registration, unified logo and other effective measures, promote the standardized management of express tricycle. It is understood that the Xianyang courier tricycle registration, mainly to meet the technical requirements of express dedicated electric tricycle issued by the State Post Bureau "(hereinafter referred to as the" technical requirements ") and has the corresponding vehicle insurance purchase delivery tricycle, to carry out the registration, into a unified management. The registration of the electric tricycle, by the enterprises in accordance with the requirements of uniform spraying logo (including the brand LOGO, brand name, customer service complaints telephone, etc.). Easy service management and identification, but also enhance the overall image of Xianyang express industry." The staff said that after the registration, a unified spray logo courier tricycle, unified management by the Xianyang postal management department, issued a certificate. This policy, yesterday, a courier in Baoquan road courier said, "after the courier riding a tricycle parked more standardized, I feel very good." Non electric two wheelers engaged in courier business courier tricycle registration certificate of withdrawal mechanism, within one year of three (inclusive) above violation of traffic laws and regulations behavior; use express delivery courier tricycle for other uses; providing false materials, filing false material; alter, lease, sale, transfer, misappropriation the enterprise registration certificate; by rectification, suspend or stop the express delivery business; enterprise bankruptcy or closure; delivery vehicles scrapped; the driver is not a unified brand clothing; the record card is lost, the continued use of the vehicle; the vehicle illegal operation of passenger or private manned; violation of the relevant laws, regulations and rules the relevant provisions, by postal administrations and the cancellation of the city to recover the vehicle registration certificate. It is worth noting that the electric car is strictly prohibited in the courier business. To undertake urban distribution service delivery tricycle, without affecting the normal passage of vehicles and other public security cases, granted temporary occupation of non motor vehicle lanes or parking sidewalk, but not more than 30 minutes. Yesterday, the Xianyang Municipal Postal Administration staff said that the company is currently filing documents submitted by the courier company audit, the first batch of 25 Express brand registration of about 1100 courier tricycle. Repeated illegal enterprises into the blacklist October hope相关的主题文章: