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Shanghai’s first sex toilet running for 50% users to support 30% concerns [Abstract] according to the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported that Shanghai’s first free sex fixed toilets recently pilot run, the 10 compartment unified gender free toilet. According to the Chinese voice of "peak Evening News" reported that Shanghai’s first free sex fixed toilets recently pilot run, the 10 compartment unified gender free toilet, when someone enters the compartment, LED display panel of the automatic from the original "no" to "people", suggesting that the others waiting for the toilet between the barrier height of 2.8 meters, the protection of privacy. As a new thing, no toilet the "waste" or the "set", causing many hot friends. The relevant responsible person said, this is to the rational allocation of public toilets, the purpose is to effectively solve the female toilet queues and parents with children or elderly specific issues such as toilet embarrassment. But there is also a voice that will cause the space waste of resources "," personal privacy and security will be a problem "," we will not even into the toilet, and suggested "Unisex", as the proportion of scientific planning Unisex toilet. In recent years, Shenyang, Chongqing, Qingdao and other places have also appeared in "no toilet". For no toilet, how do you see? Netizen: in front of a bright: no toilet has its own advantages, just need to do a good job of privacy and security protection, in order to eliminate the embarrassment and fear of the toilet. The other is not every public toilets have no sex toilet seat, which is convenient to all people go to the toilet? Yuzhou youth: no gender appropriate allocation of public toilets, so people really need to have a reasonable choice! After all, most still have to distinguish between the male and female toilets. The results of the survey: about 50% of users expressed support for the establishment of the "no toilet", think that can effectively use the resources, solve the problem of long queues. I will find happiness: public toilets set up no sex intention is more reasonable and more convenient and more humane services to the public, perhaps in a period of time for people slightly embarrassed but I believe that the advantage of it is undeniable, soon it will be accepted by people. The red house is easy: good! Now the streets also have such a toilet, the space is saved, and timely and fully meet the needs of people, as long as people slowly adapt to, not what problem. There are nearly 30% users expressed concern that this is not conducive to the protection of privacy, but also the excessive occupation of resources. Who ate my cheese: I personally feel very convenient ah, did not dare to imagine and the boys shared toilet situation. The red card company: This is really no sense of security, but also covers no problem so big, the limited public resources ah. There are 20% friends said, on the basis of men and women on the toilet, "especially for those who need to use the toilet.". Egret: This is actually not conflict. Open again based on men and women on the toilet, you can make the right choice to make public, who can go to "no toilet" is not on the line. (CNR)

上海首座无性别厕所试运行 五成网友支持三成担忧 [摘要]据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,上海第一座无性别固定公厕近日试点运行,将10个隔间统一为无性别厕所。 据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,上海第一座无性别固定公厕近日试点运行,将10个隔间统一为无性别厕所,当有人进入隔间后,门板上的LED显示屏自动由原本的“无人”变为“有人”,提示其他人等待,厕位之间的隔挡高度达2.8米以上,保护隐私。作为一个新鲜事物,无性别厕所该“废”还是该“立”,引发众多网友热议。有关负责人表示,这是合理配置公厕的尝试,目的是有效解决女性如厕排长队、父母带异性子女或者老人如厕遇尴尬等问题。但也有声音认为“会造成空间资源浪费”、“个人隐私和安全会成问题”,甚至“大家会不敢进厕所”,建议与其“男女不分”,不如科学规划男女公厕比例。近年来,沈阳、重庆、青岛等地也都出现了“无性别厕所”。对于无性别厕所,你怎么看?网友留言: 一片光明在眼前:无性别厕所具有它自己的优点,只是需要做好隐私及安全防护,以消除如厕人的尴尬和恐惧。另外是不是每个公厕都设立无性别厕位,以方便所有人如厕?禹州风华正茂:适当配置无性别公厕,让真正需要的人有合理的选择!毕竟大多数还是要区分男女厕所的。调查结果:大约有五成网友对“无性别厕所”的设立表示支持,认为这样可以有效利用资源,解决女厕排长队难题。 我会找到幸福的:公共场合设立无性别厕所的初衷就是更合理更方便更人性化的服务公众,或许在一段时间内对于人们略有尴尬,但是我相信它带来的优势也是不可否认的,不久的将来它会被人们接受的。红居易:挺好的!现在街面上也有了这样的厕所,既节省了空间,又及时充分的满足了人们的需求,只要人们慢慢的适应了,就没什么问题了。也有近三成网友表示担忧,认为这样不利于因隐私保护,对资源也过度占用。谁吃了我的奶酪:我个人就觉得很不方便啊,不敢想象和男生一起共享厕所的情形。红色的小卡司:这样真的很没有安全感啊,而且占地这么大真的没问题吗,公共资源有限啊。还有两成网友表示,可以在男女分厕的基础上,建“无性别厕所”供需要的人使用。 白鹭:这个其实不冲突啊。在男女分厕的基础上再开设,可以把选择权交给大众,让可以接受的人去“无性别厕所”不就行了。(央广网)相关的主题文章: