Shareholders of listed companies set off a small climax of these 16 shares lifted next week reshacker

The shareholders of the listed company has holdings of 16 shares of small climax this week ban Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money since September shareholders’ holdings of listed companies have also set off a small climax, face lifted the shares will not be immediate reduction? Shareholders of Listed Companies in September since the intensive holdings, including some just lifted the holdings of shares, such as microgate technology, according to the company announcement, the company in August 22nd a total of 14 million 570 thousand shares of restricted shares can be traded, which hit Shenzhen Huaxin Art Company Limited (hereinafter "new art") negotiable number 2 million 453 thousand and 900 shares. In September 14th the company issued a notice to reduce the shareholders, Xinyi company respectively on September 9th and September 13th by way of reduction of block trades tradable shares, the total holdings of 245.39 shares, coincides with the end of August lifted the number of shares after the lifting of the ban is consistent, reduction of the probability of large. After the lifting of the ban shareholders holdings full of power, which will be the future of the stock lifted pressure? Data treasure next week, the stock market is about to lift the ban, to remind you of small partners! Display data treasure statistics, a total of 16 companies limit the sale of shares has been released next week, lifting the total number of shares 1 billion 200 million shares, to Friday’s closing price basis, lifting the market value of total nearly twenty billion yuan. Among them, Weiminghu medicine, Taihe Group, Shanghai port, Rongxin Monternet, Huayin electric power, sunning logistics and other 6 stocks next week lifted the market value of over 1 billion yuan, Weiminghu medicine next week lifted the market value of 5 billion 200 million yuan, lifting the market value in the first place. From the restricted shares lifted statistics, Huayin electric power, Taihe Group, Weiminghu pharmaceutical, Shanghai harbor, Monternet Rongxin company next week restricted shares were more than 100 million shares, the lifting of the ban is the largest volume of Huayin electric power, a total of 350 million shares can be traded next week. From next week lifted accounted for the proportion of tradable shares, there are 6 companies over the next week lifted the 20% share capital in circulation, such as Weiminghu medicine, next week lifted 200 million shares, lifting the amount equivalent to the current 91% share capital in circulation, that is to say next week the stock flow of chips increased by 90%. Market performance, 16 for the sale of shares this week the average price fell slightly, the trend is weaker than the stock index. But specific to the stocks, also performance differentiation, Masson technology rose 7.42% this week, is about to be lifted shares of the largest increase in price this week, Wu Tong holding the market fell nearly 10%, drop top. Three quarterly reports will be kicked off next week, the upcoming release of these shares in the three quarter results? According to statistics, a total of Ganfeng lithium, Monternet, Unistrong, Weiminghu Rongxin pharmaceutical, Wu Tong holdings, ST spring and other 6 stocks already announced three quarter results, in addition to the ST spring pre performance drop, the remaining 5 stocks by all three quarter results. Ganfeng lithium yejiyuzeng maximum amplitude, according to the company’s semi annual report on 1-9 period operating results are expected before the three quarter, the company expects net profit of 465 million yuan ~5.07 million yuan, the expected net profit increase of 450%~500%, the main reason is forecasted, the reporting period downstream lithium battery market demand is exuberant, battery material industry upstream drive the lithium chemical products need to be on相关的主题文章: