Shinohara Wagashi tongue touch, that pure Matcha taste – and Sohu

Shinohara Wagashi | tongue touch, that pure Matcha taste – Sohu and first Shinohara Wagashi, due to the above this unique with seven, I try to bring friends last time, he fell madly in love with her. To sum up with ice, fresh and tender, "four words to her taste, tongue touch the cold, refreshing the delicate tea, such as suet moved fresh, and the silky smooth taste, plus her elegant bamboo packaging, only in the moment, it is difficult to forget. Fortunately, this time Xiao Yuan Wagashi in SM square two Ruby 2 floor every quarter opened counters, I can eat! Not the counter, packed with old customers. Just know, the original Shinohara Wagashi can not only wipe. Each product is derived from the inheritance of Japanese Wagashi shop — Hara Takashio, from the appearance of the product to taste, have to admire the ingenuity of Japanese artisan products. Selection of hot spring Peninsula Uji Maccha, even the pot tools are custom made, it create unparalleled pure tea flavour. Green tea cake, soft cake wrapped with white cream, white cream in the frozen state of the taste more fascinating, a delicate white cream with green tea on the ice, the combination of the two, just perfect to enjoy the ultimate. Also with red bean Matcha rolls and small circle with pink spots "section". Matcha Melaleuca, look at this layer, although "kilolayer" is a bit exaggerated, but at least dozens of layers, entrance has multi-level feeling. This product Tiramisu Matcha, also joined the cheese, so the taste was improved, the addition of green tea powder cheese taste more refreshing. Water Shingen cake, this product is simply beautiful burst, sparkling flowers in the shape of outer layer, wrapped in green tea, it is not the mouth. Green tea jelly, a variety of flavors. Shinohara Wagashi, to Japanese ingenuity spirit, select the superior material, do not add flavor additives, makes every tongue touch, can enjoy the most pure taste of green tea. Consumer Tips: Name: Makotoshinohara Ko address: Xiamen SM Plaza two floor 2, every quarterly Ruby counter telephone: WeChat: Xiao Yuan home tea相关的主题文章: