Shock! To plug the baby back towel, turned out to be bad habits – maternal Sohu

Shock! To plug the baby back towel, turned out to be bad habits – maternal children in play when the Sohu, the big people are in love behind the child tucked a towel, because we think the towel can absorb sweat, prevent the baby cold cold sweat… A lot of people are like this, right? But the doctors say that this is the professional habits. Baby sweating, body temperature at 37 degrees Celsius, this time back on the back plug a towel, the towel is usually the mother pulled out from the carry bag, up to 20 C. We imagine that mother put such a towel into the baby’s back, abruptly separated the body temperature of the clothes, will let the baby back to the baby, not sick of it through the line position, bladder meridian of foot Taiyang main body and a table, Du Yang, the back of this position the most is not cold, especially the delicate organs of the baby. The baby in the movement when the pores open to vent, easy to sweat, a lot of parents worry about the baby cold sweat. After the cold, so try to remove the sweat baby as soon as possible. But think carefully, we adults are sweating, why not go to plug a towel? It is because we have to sweat, but sweat on the body temperature will be evaporated, kill, or dip into clothes, clothes are absorbed, after the end of the exercise, the body temperature gradually decreased, by absorbing sweat off clothes also, as the temperature decreased gradually cool. If we add a towel between the skin and the clothes on the back of the baby, it will cause different temperature inside and outside. But the baby is playing very heavy, then what uncomfortable, do not speak out, or in the best of spirits. So, in order to get more healthy growth, please get rid of the baby to the back of the plug towel habits. If it is not assured, then you will be heated to 36 degrees Celsius towel. You can also choose the market for baby sweat towels or napkins. However, it is best before the baby began to exercise, heated to 36 degrees Celsius, plug into the baby’s back, do not change halfway.相关的主题文章: