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Simulation of life on Mars mission   6 scientists "back to earth" — science and technology — according to foreign media reports, 6 scientists in Hawaii last year at Mauna Loa volcano opened for a year of living on Mars simulation experiment. This experiment ended in August 28th local time, 6 "closed" a year of life scientists finally to "return" to the earth. Reported that, from the United States, Germany, France, the 6 scientists, doctors, architects and pilots, in the past year in the living room in a secluded life, even if they have to wear spacesuits to go out. In the welcome back to earth, cheers, the 6 scientists in the early 9 out of the living quarters of 28. During the experiment, the tester can only eat powdered cheese, canned tuna and other food, when you have to wear a spacesuit to go out, and even the Internet is also limited, try to simulate the environment on mars. At a press conference, living in Mars, a year of French scientist Velsor (Cyprien Verseux) said that in the near future, the people of Mars to be able to achieve, technical and psychological barriers can be overcome". Another "guest", the German female scientist Genc (Christiane Heincke) also said that scientists successfully found the water in a dry environment. However, Haienke also warns that the biggest enemy living in "Mars" is depressed, people should learn to give and take, do not do not go. NASA (NASA) chief investigator Binns Ted (Kim Binsted) said that 6 people out of the cabin, wish to join the sea, want to eat some fresh fruit to eat or not living in the cabin of food. The simulation of Mars life experiment funded by the NASA, is the 520 day after the Russian similar tasks, the long life of Mars experimental task of the second. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: