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Reference-and-Education Algebra is an integral part of our life since beginning of human civilization. It is a quite .mon and .pulsory subject for all students, at least up to the higher secondary level. Unfortunately many people believe that learning algebra sharpens and enhance the logical thinking ability of a person. Thus every young student is being taken as granted to be well versed and proficient in it. As a result of which one in every five students fails to qualify in final exams and develops an inferiority .plex. Some shocking figures Most of the teachers and educators will agree to the fact that a major percentage of students are failing because of algebra only. Surprisingly 45 percent failed in Nevada in the year 2009 as disclosed by a national survey. In South Carolina it was 34 percent and 35 percent in West Virginia. It is also interesting to know that in the University of California only those applications are considers from students who have finished a three year study in Mathematics. Then what about those students who have excelled in the streams like Science, Arts or History? The word doesnt end here. Even for clearing SAT entrance many colleges are setting up a high score like 700 on mathematics. But the reality is only 15 percent of students are able to achieve that score every year. Solving Algebra can damage your brain cells Yes, this is the fact. Recently researchers from Chicago University have revealed that for people who get butterflies in stomach in the name of algebra, they can hurt their brain cells during solving any algebraic problem. Fourteen persons were studied who suffer from algebra anxiety with a fMRI machine that scans their brain activity. The research found a significant increase in activity in the posterior insular of their brain which is known for responding to threats and pain experience. So this is indeed an alarming situation. How to get the solution Well, the thing is that we all want our children to be a math literate. Everyone should study at least the basic arithmetic. But going beyond that should always be an individuals choice. I mean after a certain grade, Algebra should be an elective subject rather than mandatory and thus stop forcing youngsters to learn it at every level. This will create eagerness in students to study and explore further to know a subject. We can also take the help of online tutorials where students can enjoy learning Math in more interactive and amusing way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: