SONY released alpha 6500 camera to support the five axis anti shake to increase the touch screen gigolos

SONY alpha 6500 camera supports five axis stabilization increase touch screen digital news Tencent (Zhong Wenze) SONY yesterday officially released the APS-C frame micro single flagship camera alpha 6500, the biggest feature of this camera in the alpha 6000 series speed focus, adding five axis stabilization components. Alpha 6500 has a metal body, can be applied to more complex scenarios, adding alpha anti shake component of five axis with the previous 7 series full frame, alpha 6500 is SONY’s first built-in APS-C camera 5 axis stabilization function, can realize the anti shake effect up to about 5 level. Five axis anti shake components to join, you can allow users to take more photos in the handheld. Sensor, alpha 6500 pixel Exmor image sensor with a CMOS of about 24 million 200 thousand, with full pixel read mode 4K video capture function. In addition, another big upgrade is alpha 6500 to support the touch screen operation, which is currently SONY’s flagship camera does not have the full range of features, with touch operation, the focus is on the choice will be more convenient. Alpha 6500 is expected to be priced at $9799, will be listed in late November. In addition to micro camera, SONY also updated the black RX100 product line, the launch of the RX100 V pixel reached 21 million, with a new image processor, RX100 V supports 24 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting, continuous shooting 150. At the same time, RX100 V supports 4K video as well as high frame rate 1000fps ultra slow motion video shooting. The card machine is expected to price 7499 yuan, will be listed in late October.相关的主题文章: