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Soy sauce may contain carcinogens? Expert: carcinogenic extremely low need not worry about soy sauce may also cause cancer? Recently, a Hongkong Chinese Consumer Council found a potential carcinogen detection of soy sauce – "4- methylimidazolium" news spread, Guangzhou Pearl River Bridge on the time-honored steamed fish soy sauce and the Pearl River Bridge gold standard laochouwang two products at the same time "". Food and nutrition information exchange center experts Ruan Guangfeng said, "4- methylimidazolium" is a by-product of soy sauce, caramel color, with the content of soy sauce, the carcinogenic risk is extremely low, the public need not panic. 11 samples containing 4- methylimidazolium according to reports, the Hongkong Consumer Council to examine the market earlier 40 common soy sauce, soy sauce and fresh dew, Pearl River Bridge steamed fish soy sauce, soy sauce steamed fish with Jane, Royal gold standard 11 kinds of soy sauce containing trace 4- methyl imidazole "possibly carcinogenic". Hongkong Consumer Council said that the highest content of 4- methyl imidazole "Royal gold standard of edible soy sauce", two ml, intake of 31.8 micrograms, namely 4- methyl imidazole was 15.9ppm. The director general Huang Fengxian said, 4- methylimidazolium only on mice, unless long-term ingestion of large amounts of 4- methyl imidazole, have carcinogenic risk. Hongkong is currently no relevant regulations to add warning words on the product, the future may amend the relevant regulations. According to this news, the reporter visited a large supermarket in Beijing, did not find the Hongkong Council informed the brands of soy sauce. Wumart supermarket in Fengtai District (grass bridge), where sales of soy sauce is mostly well-known brands of soy sauce, such as, Haitian, Lao Cai Chen Lee Kum Kee, Shinho, but did not find the same Jane, Pearl River Bridge, Royal emperor and other brands. Supermarket staff told reporters that these are the southern brands, supermarkets have never sold. However, in the electronic business platform, the reporter found that with Jane, Pearl River Bridge and other brands of soy sauce does have sales. Carcinogenicity very low in soy sauce does not have to worry about why 4- methylimidazolium? Ruan Guangfeng said in soy sauce 4- methyl imidazole mainly from add caramel pigment. At the same time, soy sauce in 4- methyl imidazole and not everyone is worried about the harm, or can rest assured to eat. We now eat soy sauce, look is dark brown, the dark brown mainly from caramel. Caramel has two sources: natural and synthetic. Do Roberts taro, sweet potato fried candied sugar color is natural caramel pigment. Caramel synthetic will appear as a byproduct in the production process, which is the 4- methyl imidazole. Ruan Guangfeng introduction, soy sauce 4- methyl imidazole is not a food additive, it itself has no good effect, people will not directly add. However, as a by-product of caramel pigment in food, but also can not be avoided. International Association of technology of caramel pigment (ITCA) according to the production process and the reaction agent of caramel pigment can be divided into four categories, among them, class III and IV Caramel will produce by-products in the production process of 4- methyl imidazole. The reporter understands, the detection of the Hongkong Consumer Council in soy sauce, 4- methyl imidazole was the highest content of 15.9ppm. According to this data, that is, the content of 4- methyl imidazole.相关的主题文章: