Sri Lanka in this piece of fertile land of light, start the exploration interest – tourism Sohu windjview

Sri Lanka: in this piece of fertile land of light, start exploration interest – Sri Lanka Tourism Sohu means "bright rich country", we will go here, go to a tropical island adventure. Go to the ancient city of Galle Fort collection spice trade anecdotes legend, then go to the South coast. In Yala National Park, the leopard, sloth bear and elephant encounter. After the middle of the mountain tea garden, the train ride and the traditional temples can visit experience. In the history of the ancient fort Galle journey as the first station, behind the thick walls for many artisans and cooks, and accumulated 600 years of anecdotal stories, are worth exploring the passengers. At noon, Galle fort to withstand steaming, gently start dozing off. The students spent the whole morning running to the edge of the battlements, shirt or even a piece of unbelievable white, they sat in the shade of a Jacaranda tree, sucking the popsicle bright color. The older boys dropped the cricket game, and sat down on the ground, resting on the ground. Even the car was also temporarily calmed down, drivers doze in the car. The tourists only hands to surrender, is sitting in the cafe on the promenade outside the column cool drink a cup of beer or lemon juice. The history of this coast visited people can be a long list in sixteenth Century, after more detailed records, the time is here to the portuguese. In eighteenth Century the Dutch occupied Sri Lanka, and the existing towns were from their hands. If someone in the Caribbean people really know how to use spices in doubt, go to the local green market, all the doubts of the absolute. Hawker sitting on a hill like piles of lime, avocados, beans and okra beside, advise the guest what kind of spices and ingredients most suitable. Whenever you think about the smell of spices, you think of Sri lanka. South beach walk along the south coast of Sri Lanka line line, you will find the deserted beach, BBQ dinner, and is on the verge of extinction of a traditional fisherman. Bright iron bus thundered down the Galle fish market, along the A2 highway opened out, went to the seaside city of Tangalla. Along the 100 km road, the blue ocean of India rarely disappear in sight. Also on the road in the sale of bread on the tricycle, as long as the use of loudspeakers to play a short melody, I know they came. Around the wide bay — white beaches around the wind palm tree — the waist with banana leaves roof hut selling India cake (roti), Pineapple Juice and coconut milk; enjoy sunbathing tourists dowdily walk along the beach. Hand carrying flip flops, the footprints in the sand. Soon to be the next wave of the tide to heal. Along the beach is the village of Milisa (Mirissa), the dawn of the day is more than a quiet moment in the village. In the harbor, the tourists on the sightseeing boat climb all flurry and confusion; at the same time, a fishing boat is sailing back to the harbor all night work. Sightseeing boat will ride the wind and waves tossed onto the boat for one or two hours, all eyes are staring at the horizon)相关的主题文章: