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Reference-and-Education Imagine this scenario. Two people are looking for a job in the food industry. Both have good employment history and great references. Both are ready, willing and able to work. Both look presentable, clean and have great manners. Only one has .pleted a food safety supervisor course. Which one gets the job? The one that had the leading edge by showing up to the interview prepared to step into a supervisory role. Job hunting in the food service industry can be challenging. Let us look at some of the ways you can expedite your entry into the food service business. Since many food service jobs are considered entry level, the .petition to get good paying positions in high-end restaurants or popular eateries is high. Businesses that are known to promote their staff, have high tipping patrons, or offer benefit plans are flooded with resumes daily. To make sure your resume stand out, use these tips: 1.Keep your resume short, sweet and to the point. Use bullets, numbering, or point form. No manager has time to read an essay about your work experience. They want to scan your resume for the highlights. 2.Your resume must be free of errors. Even though the initial look at your resume may be a belief scan, any errors, spelling mistakes or improper use of grammar will stand out and likely cost you the job. Mistakes on a resume are seen as a sign of lack of attention to detail, sloppiness and laziness. 3.Follow the submission instructions. If the job posting says to submit your resume by email, do not show up at the restaurant to hand it over in person. If it says to .e in person to apply, do not apply by email. Show that you can follow and understand instructions. Lack of experience is not a problem as long as you are willing to demonstrate the steps you have taken to secure the job. A little research will quickly show you that anyone working in Australia"s food service industry should hold a food handling certificate and those that are looking to advance to a supervisory role must .plete a food safety supervisor course. These courses are affordable and convenient. In many areas you can .plete this course online or by correspondence. If you are just entering the food service industry, it is a good idea to get your food handling certificate prior to applying for jobs. If you have experience and are ready to advance your career, get your food safety supervisor course certificate, list it on your resume under the education section, and bring it with you to interviews. A great resume, a winning attitude, and a presentable look will go a long way in getting you to a job interview, but the candidate that goes the extra step to obtain their food safety supervisor course certificate is the candidate that is most likely to be successful. Showing up prepared to go directly to work without your employer having to wait for you to .plete the course or demonstrating that you are aware of the job requirements and are willing to take the food safety supervisor course to build on your food handling certificate while you gain food industry experience makes you the type of person that mangers want to hire. Take the time to check into getting your food handling or food safety supervisor course certificate(s) before you start your job search. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: