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Strict barrier, choose a good selection of cadres – Politics – cadre construction and the rule of the party’s governance is one of the most important work, and whether the implementation of the party’s cause of prosperity and the well-being of the people. In order to Party cadres and the people need to find out, reasonable use, general office of the CPC Central Committee issued "on the day before the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinion "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "). The "opinions" and "cadre appoint byelaw", disciplinary accountability "Regulations", "Regulations" provisions, be set up and the appointment system of the network becomes increasingly dense cadres, for the selection and appointment of cadres in new period provides an important follow. To understand the cadres effort in peacetime, strengthen the comprehensive analysis to deepen understanding, pay attention to daily analysis, is to grasp the "basic cadres are sick of the work, two aspects are also the" opinions "highlights. Central Party School professor Xin Ming believes that the appointment of cadres not less exam and quick test "," is to look at the major events, important juncture, a critical moment of cadre performance performance, but also to see the usual daily, eight hours of performance, is the so-called: hold a fashion a there is a fool, hiding from the world, if there is a problem of cadres daily, the key moment is not top up; if there really ‘disease’, there are usually signs of signs." However, how to put the effort in peacetime, trained people "piercing eye"? "Opinions" to the detailed requirements: to talk more with the cadres talk, improved way of talking, improve the conversation quality, observe the cadres and cadres recognition. At the same time, the "opinions" pointed out that we must grasp the integrity and reputation of the masses and cadres of the important situation, strengthen the cadres and political quality, morality, honesty and self-discipline of the checks. "As the saying goes, people’s eyes are sharp. Everyone has a steelyard, cadres have ‘disease’, people mind most clearly. The cadres and the masses of the word of mouth together will be able to objectively reflect the basic quality of the promoted cadres." National School of Administration professor Li Tuo said. In the opinion of the Central Party School professor Xie Chuntao, to prevent sick promoted by former study, understanding is not enough, and usually have to observe and judge cadres, "if the daily inspection work carried out, a cadre have a" disease ", what is" sick "and" sick "to what extent. The party organization will have a good grasp." However, it is a systematic and comprehensive work to understand and inspect the cadres. It is necessary to understand the cadres in all aspects and angles. In this regard, the "opinions" clearly requires perfect daily contact notification mechanism, namely the organization and personnel department shall timely collect the discipline inspection and supervision, audit, inspection and supervision, the petition and discipline supervision information and network public opinion reflects the cadres of the relevant circumstances, the establishment of information archives cadre supervision, so as to provide sufficient material for analysis. Jiangsu Huaian municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, ministers of the organization Zhang Tong suggested, can establish the "big data management cadre appointment system", on the one hand the data highlight the "big and complete", normalization collects cadres annual assessment test)相关的主题文章: