Suffered more severe haze haze rule to strengthen regional joint prevention and control in the new n candle june

Suffered more severe haze haze rule to strengthen regional joint prevention and control – Beijing recently suffered more severe haze weather in Northeast China, North China and East China, and more than and 30 city, spanning more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers, a city scale, the degree of pollution is heavy, affecting a wide range of calendar year there are few. The Ministry of environmental protection 6 days of meetings, analysis of the causes of heavy pollution, according to the analysis of the heavy pollution process in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, industrial and motor vehicle emissions are the main sources of the heavy pollution at the same time, experts suggest that we must strengthen regional joint prevention and control of air pollution. Fog and haze ferocious, seriously affected the production and life of the people. In this regard, netizens have called for strengthening regional joint prevention and control of air pollution, the implementation of environmental accountability mechanisms, the reform of the performance evaluation system, to eradicate the soil environment for GDP with reality is the way of governance haze. Improve the mechanism for joint prevention and control work of Internet users "shadowless wind said, such a large area of haze weather is still classified as cars and heating in winter, however, the reason for this is obviously, what is the fundamental reason for the formation of haze? Scientists hope to use scientific data to explain clearly. Netizen "error circle" questioned said that since I know why cars are pollution factors, unlike the United States to improve the emission standards, but again and again three empty talk? Internet users Zheng Yun said, can not let the oil companies to improve the quality of oil, can be introduced laws and regulations require those trucks, buses to reduce emissions of pollutants. At the same time, public opinion, governance haze rely solely on the environmental protection department is not enough, must strengthen regional joint prevention and control of air pollution. Accelerate the improvement of relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, the establishment of regional atmospheric environmental management institutions, improve the mechanism for joint prevention and control work, and earnestly implement the responsibility, in order to effectively cope with heavy pollution weather area. The eradication of real soil netizens taking environmental change GDP Hu Yi "said, compared to the GDP performance requirements, to make environmental issues more attention, it is necessary to improve the status of the environmental protection department, top-down reform performance evaluation system, the implementation of environmental accountability mechanisms. Eradicate take the environment for the GDP of the reality of the soil, to curb the impulse to create pollution officials officials. If the concept of abnormal performance does not change, the status of environmental protection departments are not independent, still can not get out of the plight of pollution. Netizen "deep blue Li asked, haze" sucked "how much economic growth prospects? Some media quoted Li Zhiqing, deputy director of the Institute of environmental economics, Fudan University, said environmental pollution in the region to reduce the attractiveness of enterprises and individuals, but in reality is to reduce the competitiveness of countries and regions. These intangible costs are prohibitive. Netizen "public square bin" that we need dialectical thinking, can not only see the development problems, also should consider the economic and social development to achieve great, how to adjust the mode of development, especially to adjust the concept of development, to achieve the harmony between man and nature. (reporter Ceng Dejin finishing)相关的主题文章: