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Super CR-V wheelbase 20mm TOYOTA this small SUV to Kill Bin Chi? Sohu – car early Honda XR-V, bin Zhi unhappy TOYOTA, finally preparing a big move. Honda’s XR-V, bin Zhi since 2014 listed, long-term occupation of the small SUV market "leader" position, the average monthly sales are over 10000, angkola, a cool and ix25 are unmatched. Look at the life of enemies sell so hot, TOYOTA has long been mood.according, want to "prove yourself". But competitors have already occupied the market segment, the field also need a small SUV? TOYOTA believes the answer is yes. With the promotion of awareness of environmental protection, low energy consumption of small and medium cars will gradually dominate the market, the future of China’s SUV market will tend to miniaturization, energy-saving direction. Moreover, although TOYOTA in the global scope of visibility and reputation are higher than Honda, but in Chinese, Honda since the XR-V bin Zhi two generals, sales rising in China, more and more small gap with TOYOTA. In July this year, -9 months, Honda has been 3 months in a row in a single month sales beyond TOYOTA, which is not a small SUV (monthly contribution to its sales of about 30 thousand). Currently, Honda cumulative sales in China 870 thousand, TOYOTA, according to the momentum, Honda’s sales this year is likely to surpass TOYOTA. Regardless of the development of the environment, or from the perfect product layout, the importance of small SUV is critical to TOYOTA. However, it is a fact that it is too late to come up with more powerful products to conquer the market. TOYOTA is also a ming. This year, the Geneva auto show, TOYOTA unveiled its first small SUV C-HR production models, the appearance of the car is very eye-catching, very visual tension, many body lines, but not very strange, the designer’s skill remarkable. A record of side Yan kill TOYOTA C-HR handsome out of a new height. Dynamic rising waistline, floating roof and hidden rear door handles are punchline. Tail shape angular for its elegance, boomerang taillights and headlights echoes. (look, than bin Chi XR-V, who love you more?) The key to the body size, C-HR measurements for the 43601795 1555mm, the wheelbase is 2640mm; than bin Chi big circle! Wheelbase is even longer than Dongfeng Honda CR-V 20mm. It seems that TOYOTA is to Sike Honda rhythm. It is worth mentioning that the FAW TOYOTA has put C-HR in the bag, the car will be the same with the new Prius TNGA platform to build, which is the TNGA platform in Chinese’s first production models, built in 2018. The TNGA platform can be collinear production of traditional fuel vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrid three models, means that TOYOTA will launch C-HR in addition to the gasoline version of the hybrid version of the car. Plans to buy new energy SUV fans, don’t want to buy a BYD, you can.相关的主题文章: