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Syria ceasefire between Russia and the United States took the opportunity to grab IS on the verge of death or destruction of tit for tat – Sohu news Beijing, 19 September,   according to foreign media reported on 19, the ceasefire agreement in Syria on the verge of death or destruction, Anti Terror coalition led by the United States that air strikes may mistakenly Syria army stronghold, caused the death of dozens of soldiers, the terrorist organization Islamic state to take the Syrian army stronghold. The United Nations Security Council has held an emergency meeting to request the Russian, Russian American to clear account of this incident, the United States refers to the anti Russian fan the flames curry favour by claptrap. The Russian military said, if the ceasefire agreement will ask the United States is the only failure. In July 29, 2016, the Syria local time in Idlib, local opposition control area of a children’s Hospital of air strikes. U.S. government officials said in a statement, the Russian government has been caused by air strikes caused by the death of the Syrian army casualties to Syria, said the apology". It is reported that two U.S. F-16 fighter jets and A-10 attack aircraft took off from Iraq in 17, at 5 pm on Eastern Syria (Deir al-Zor) on the airport southwest of the Zelda mountain (Jabal Therdeh) in the four round of bombing Syria stronghold. Russian military statement said the air strikes killed more than 100 people. Cook, a spokesman for The Pentagon, said Russian officials had been told earlier that the coalition would not be concerned when it launched operations in the region. The Security Council held an emergency meeting on the evening of 17, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations clash at the meeting. The permanent representative of the United States after Bauer said in an interview: "Russia must stop this cheap, take the curry favour by claptrap tricks, focus on important things, namely the implementation of our negotiations out and confident agreement." In August 16th, local time in Syria airspace, the Russian aerospace forces long-range strategic bombers figure -22M3 of the Islamic state "and" the nusra front "and other extremist groups in Aleppo, Deir ezzor and Idlib province target air strikes. This is the first Russian aerospace forces from the Hamadan Air Force Base in Iran attacked targets of extremist organizations. Bauer said the United States will investigate this raid, "if we confirm that we really bombing the Syria army, it is not our intention, we will certainly feel sorry for causing casualties". Russian permanent representative Vitaly Churkin was asked about the bombing incident will terminate between Moscow and Washington ceasefire agreement and said: "this is a very big question mark." Churkin said: "I really want to know how Washington reacted. If Mr Bauer’s actions today are a sign of American reaction, we will face great trouble." Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va accused the United States is helping the organization of iraq. She said: "we have come to a terrible conclusion for the world, the White House is defending the organization of Iraq, which is now no doubt." Bauer said Zaha Lo Va should be ashamed of such charges. Churkin said that Russia does not have the exact evidence to prove that the United States and the organization of the Iraqi conspiracy. The coalition air strikes, the Iraqi national organization instant attacks on Zelda mountain. U.S. military said in a statement, although.相关的主题文章: