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The main repair of damaged railway bridge in TISCO is recommended not to pass for 28 days, after two days of active repair and reconstruction, yesterday morning, the main body of the damaged bridge body of the railway bridge at the gate of the dormitory of TISCO was completed, and the official release was officially released. The repair and reconstruction of the original cement deck replaced by steel structure bridge, more durable, but released the first day, for the public put forward the bridge slope problem is bigger, TISCO group is studying rectification perfect scheme, suggest that the public temporarily not pass. At 9 a.m., the reporter came to the vicinity of the railway bridge near the 28 dormitory of Taiyuan Iron and steel complex. At one glance, there were many residents on the bridge and at both ends. Looking down from the roadside barrier, TISCO workers in blue overalls are cleaning up the remains of the accident. On the bridge floor, the construction unit is working on the bridge deck. 11, TISCO logistics center train construction machinery and materials to the construction site. On the same day at 6:50 PM, when the vehicle passing through the railway bridge opening 28 Dongshan, excavator pulled the car carrier from the railway bridge above the railway boom and collision, causing the collapse of. After the accident, TISCO group immediately launched a plan to seal the damaged bridge, repair and reconstruction. "The entire bridge has been replaced by steel, which is much stronger."!" Standing on the deck just released, He Zhongyi, who lives nearby, sighs heartily. 5 years ago, he moved to ten miles to settle down, and every day he went to work, and he was going through the bridge. "Before the cement bridge, a long time, whenever there is a train from below by walking on the bridge, the bridge also feel at all, now, for the sake of steel structure, but a lot of strong!" Said He Zhongyi. Site, a construction worker told reporters, according to the relevant provisions of the state, the new bridge deck than the original height improved, so as to reserve more traffic space for the train, to avoid such accidents happen again. "This slope, the child pushes the car not too good."!" Li Sumei, a resident of the neighborhood, worries everyone about his worries. She said that every day the son went to school to go through the railway bridge, the bridge height and the road on both sides almost in a plane, whether walking or riding, can easily pass. Now raise the height of the rider must be climbing carts through that slope slightly steep, less effort will certainly be more difficult. Reporters walked on the bridge to see, in the bridge on both sides of the guardrail, every few meters posted reminders: bridge slope is large, temporarily prohibited access. In the upper and lower bridge, respectively, "bridge smooth, pay attention to safety" notice reminder. Onlookers, from time to time some people put forward "snow weather how to do it", "old people travel inconvenience" and other concerns. Taiyuan Iron and steel group responsible person made it clear that: due to the design and construction time is urgent, the current bridge slope is large, taking into account the safety of traffic, has temporarily banned traffic. At present, the company has worked closely with the relevant departments to study the rectification and improvement program, according to the actual needs of the residents, the bridge slope to slow down treatment, and will also add railings facilities. The company will be effectively handled in the shortest possible time, providing a safe and convenient traffic environment for the majority of residents. Source: Shanxi Evening News

太钢受损铁道桥主体修复完成 建议暂时不要通行   经过两天积极修复、重建,昨日上午,太钢28宿舍门口铁道桥受损桥体完成主体修复,正式放行。此次修复重建将原先的水泥桥面更换为钢结构桥体,更加坚固耐用,但放行首日,针对市民提出的桥体坡度较大问题,太钢集团正在研究整改完善方案,建议市民暂时不要通行。   上午9时许,记者来到位于尖草坪区太钢28宿舍门口铁道桥附近。一眼望去,桥上和两头聚集了不少居民。从路边的护栏向下望去,身穿蓝色工服的太钢工人还在对事故残留物进行清理。桥面上,施工单位正在对桥面进行作业。   11日,太钢物流中心火车向施工现场运送工程机械及材料。当日6时50分许,当车辆途经东山铁路28桥桥洞时,车上拉载的挖掘机起重臂与铁路上方的铁道桥发生碰撞,造成坍塌。事故发生后,太钢集团立即启动预案,对受损桥面进行封闭、修复重建。“整个桥面都换成钢结构了,这下牢固多了!”站在刚刚放行的桥面上,住在附近的居民何忠义由衷感叹。5年前,何忠义一家搬到十里铺定居下来,每天上下班,他都要从桥上经过。“以前是水泥桥面,时间久了,每当有火车从下面通过,走在桥面上感觉桥体也在晃悠,现在好了,换成全钢结构,可是坚固了不少!”何忠义这样说道。现场,一位正在施工的工人向记者介绍,根据国家有关规定,这次新建桥面比原高度有所提升,这样可以为火车预留出更多通行空间,避免此类事故再次发生。“这个坡度,孩子推着车子不太好过呀!”住在附近的居民李素梅向大家伙儿道出了自己的担忧。她说,儿子每天上下学都要经过这座铁道桥,以前桥面高度与两侧路面几乎在一个平面,无论步行还是骑车,都能轻松通过。现在提升了高度,骑车人必须推车爬坡通过不说,坡度略显陡峻,力气较小的人肯定会比较吃力。   记者走上桥面看到,在桥体两侧的护栏上,每隔几米就张贴有提醒:桥的坡度较大,暂禁止通行。在上下桥处,分别有“桥面光滑,注意安全”的告示提醒。围观的人群中,不时有人提出“下雪天气怎么办呀”“老人出行不方便”等担忧。   太钢集团有关负责人明确表示:由于设计施工时间紧迫,目前桥体坡度较大,考虑到通行安全,已暂时禁止通行。目前,公司已会同有关部门抓紧研究整改完善方案,根据居民实际出行需求,对桥面坡度进行降缓处理,同时还会加设栏杆设施等。公司会在最短时间内进行有效处理,为广大居民提供一个安全方便的通行环境。来源:山西晚报相关的主题文章: