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The 6 action of driving the wrong half life of these parts! Sohu car 1, killed the steering wheel because of the often used relationship, booster pump is one of the vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Landlord in the direction of play, when hit the best when a little back a little bit, do not let the booster pump for a long time in a state of tension, which will help extend the life of the booster pump. Especially when parking and turning around, a lot of people used to kill the direction of the first move again, in fact, such a great pressure on the steering booster pump. 2, free press and usually see some friends on the curb when the curb, think you tire is not great, but it slowly up, rushed, and looked very handsome. But this not only affects the tires, but also we can not see the vehicle shock absorbers, springs, suspension, but they are also vulnerable parts of the vehicle. If this is the case for a long time, maybe one day, the vehicle shock absorber abnormal sound ah, the car is so ah, and so on a number of issues. So we usually have to slow over Hom, do not overload. 3, do not cut off the power to stop the car after the car owners must remember to turn off the lights, radio, CD, navigation, lighting and a variety of car appliances. If you don’t turn off the lights, all night, the battery will go on strike. Of course, there are a lot of vehicles have locked the car automatically turn off the headlights, but there are still some cars are required to manually turn off the headlights, so pay attention to outside. The battery will not be used for a long time to self discharge, until scrapped, therefore, for a long time without a car, every once in a while to start the battery charging. 4, the engine maintenance schedule when many owners just buy a new car, maintenance frequency is very high, a little bit of a problem and run the 4S shop. Can be used for a long time, it is more and more attention to vehicle maintenance. Experienced in auto repair Master said, they had worked on vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance due to engine failure caused the total failure of 50%. It can be seen that the engine maintenance plays an important role in prolonging the service life of the vehicle. 5, a long time without washing or washing the vehicle for a long time, often do not wash, because of acid rain ingredients in air, and guano, dust and other harmful substances erosion and adhesion, the paint will accelerate the aging and damage. The paint is damaged, the body will lose protection and metal oxidation, resulting in damage to the car early. In addition, the vehicle does not wash for a long time, some of the sealant can not be timely care, but also aging failure, so that the deterioration of sealing performance. In life, under normal circumstances a week or so one is the best car, many owners are very clean, so can not see the dirt a little own car, basically will be in one to two days to wash a car, it is not necessary, because the car wash too frequently will also reduce the car paint life. If 1-2 days wash once, then your car paint life only 50%. 6, long time half clutch state only in half clutch, clutch will have relative movement and friction, the long time of maintaining or two relative speed difference is very big pressure system相关的主题文章: