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The baby repeatedly constipation, perhaps maternal toilet posture is not right – Sohu many mothers by the baby’s constipation. My baby two or three days a stool! My baby 5 days! Some baby ten days before a stool, looking at the baby every time the toilet is painful, mom is really worse than their constipation. In the previous article, I have introduced many methods to alleviate constipation (you can search my previous article "baby constipation not anxiety, you will learn a green solution of (HD + video graphic operation)"). Today, I would like to share with you an effective way to relieve constipation. This method not only has the baby constipation pain can be used, those who are deeply troubled by constipation moms can also be used, that is — squat toilet. You may wonder, obviously now advocate with the toilet, but why should promote squatting toilet. This is because from the scientific point of view, squat toilet should be more fun. Israeli doctors Randolph · Keruofu Adams has done an experiment, different results of different postures on the toilet, he let the experiments were to sit type and squatting type toilet, he is responsible for the next card stopwatch, and supervision of each subject after defecation to fill out a questionnaire. Experimental results show that the squatting type took an average of 50 seconds, and the subjects agreed that the poo process is very comfortable. The toilet type toilet took an average of 130 seconds, and there seemed to be something. Why is there such a significant difference? This is the result of special design of our gut: our gut in the anus near the descending colon (from second last section E.) into the rectum (last section E.) turned a bend. It helps to slow down our gut, just as we have to slow down at the exit of the motorway. In the anus, there is a special device in the intestines, the pubic muscle. It is like the anus bowel lasso swaddled, and put it in one direction with traction, and we use the rubber tube when watering, when we put the pipe fold up the water on the principle to the same. With these two devices, in addition to the role of internal and external sphincter, we stand or sit, can not be too hard to hold the stool. When we need to hold back the stool, we must hope that the muscles and muscles of the sphincter of the rectum. But when we let the defecation, puborectalis muscle and the rectum rectum completely relaxed, the formation of anorectal angle increases and rectum more direct, more smooth defecation. If the muscle is not completely relaxed, is still involved in the rectum in a state of bending, will lead to poor bowel movements. Continue to use the water pipeline for example, if you think about it, when watering, watering pipe is not straight line, the water will be intermittent, not smooth out. The toilet and decide the puborectalis posture is completely relaxed. Japanese researchers have done the experiment, found that when sitting, anorectal angle is about 80~90 degrees, squat, anorectal angle can reach 100~110 degrees. So, squat toilet can improve constipation condition. People相关的主题文章: