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The brain really uses less than 5%? – Science and technology – People’s original title: the brain really only less than 5%? Second – stand people usually have the brain brain cells is about 14 billion – 15 billion, research statistics that 98.5% of the cells are in a dormant state, only 1% in the brain, and normal brain potential in less than 5%, the other 95% of the brain potential remains to be development and utilization. So, is this really the case? Let us solve this mystery from the rational and scientific point of view. "Memory trace" the myth of 1922, American psychologist Carle proposed? Lashenli brain function such as potential principle and overall activity principle, he is the first attempt to explore the physiological basis of learning from the point of view of neural brain regions, which is known as the father of neuropsychology. Carle first put forward the concept of the "memory trace" of the human brain, and then designed a series of experiments to verify the brain’s ability to store and use the brain. During the experiment, he trained mice drilling maze to find food, and then cut off part of the cerebral cortex of mice, then compare the effect of drilling maze mice. If there is a "memory trace" in the brain, and it happens to be removed in an experiment, the mice will lose their way. After several experiments, Carle found an area of the brain, the greatest impact on the efficiency of mouse maze, and in this area is not important in cutting down segments, which is important to the proportion of excision — cut more and more easy to get lost in mice. Thus, Carle believes that the memory traces in this area. Moreover, even if the cut in half, normal mice still alive, this shows that the brain regions of mice for a very low rate of. This conclusion is very fresh at the time point of view, and get a lot of support, so a twenty hundred, became "human utilization rate is less than 5%". With the advances in technology, "the hippocampus" and the more active neurons, the area of the brain responsible for memory is gradually known, not in the area of Carle. It is in a very small brain structure called the hippocampus, which controls the whole process of seeing, hearing, speaking, moving, thinking, and sleeping. Most of the energy consumed by the brain is mainly used for the rapid discharge of hundreds of millions of neurons, which is a function of all the advanced brain functions. In fact, an ordinary person, when the eyes are closed try not to think about things, his mind is on the whole high-speed operation. Science writer Robbie? Boyd wrote in an article, although in all areas of the brain are not at any time to discharge at the same time, but the researchers found that the use of brain imaging techniques, brain and muscles, most of them are within 24 hours of continuous activity. Even in sleep, some areas of the brain, such as the frontal cortex, which controls advanced thinking and self perception, or help humans perceive somatosensory areas around them, are active. So what did Carle and Rashri find in the brain? In the term of modern neurobiology, people manage相关的主题文章: