The Champions League – the Premier League away 3-0 Tottenham 1-2 Monaco pharmaceutical

The Champions League – the Premier League away 3-0 Tottenham 1-2 Monaco pharmaceutical 2-2 (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time 2:45 on September 15th (Central European time 20:45 on the 14), the European Champions League first round continues, E group 1 2 lost to Tottenham home court the French leader in Monaco; Leverkusen home court advanced 2 ball is CSKA Moscow draw. G group Leicester Premier League away 3 to 0 victory over Bruges; Maher ray Zimei two; 1 1 level Copenhagen Oporto home court. E group   Tottenham after a lapse of 5 years to return to the Champions League, against Monaco at Wembley, Arsenal (1998-99 season and 1999-00 season) after the debut at Wembley to play in the Champions League team. After Tottenham to the Ligue 4 home court battle 4 wins. Pochettino only replace the first 1, Lamela replace the million horses. The Champions League qualifying round 1 than 2 negative after Monaco race Fenerbahce, 6 wins and 1 losses, the top 5 ranking method, visit England only 1 wins (2014-15 season 18 final 3 to 1 victory over A Senna). The Europa League group, Tottenham away 1 to 1, 4 to 1 victory over the home court. Opening soon, the Monaco winger derar muscle strain, and was replaced by Lemal. Kaine Sun Xingmin was shot in the back post, the line of the Raj destroyed. Monaco fifteenth minutes ahead, Fabiniao front Fanqiang block the ball to Bernardaud – Silva, Bernardaud – Silva Youlei ball into the restricted area, 13 meters in front of left foot into the far corner, 1 to 0. Thirty-first minutes, Monaco fullback Sidibe cross from the left, Lemal header was blocked, then 4 meters in front of left foot volley hanging near the corner, 2 more than 0! Tottenham forty-fifth minutes to recover 1 points last season, the UEFA Cup in Monaco scored 4 on the right side of the ball Lamela corner, Alder Revell de 7 meters in front of the top in the upper right corner, 1 to 2. The second half, for sun Xingmin dembele. Ali was Subhash Chi asked the beam of heavy artillery. Sidibe, Falcao heading higher. Jansen pull pull. Tottenham ultimately unable to recover. Leicester G group is one of the season two Champions League debut race team, tenth team also reached the Champions League group phase Premier League team, Leicester had only played 8 games in Europe, the first round of the 2 season 1961-62 Cup Winners Cup win after 6 consecutive matches. Ranieri coached 6 different teams to participate in the Champions League, second only to create a record yesterday, Ancelotti (7), the best result is the 2003-04 season, the top 4 of the top. Simpson injured, Lewis Hernandez at right back. Algeria striker Sri Manny. Orr Blay Don to celebrate the poor start of the league in Bruges, only 7 points in the first round of 6. With the England team nearly 8 games winless, each goal. The opening is only 5 minutes, Leicester made a dream start, Siliman Nigeria won the right sideline ball, Hernandez vigorously thrown into the attack, but the goalkeeper boutelet defender blocked, midfielder Wanaken heads out to rub Road, Orr Blay Don 5 meters in front of half volley sideways sweep!相关的主题文章: