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The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau received 359 complaints of the mid autumn moon cake coupons to express delivery can not receive the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake is essential gift. Recently, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau released during the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday 12315 consumer complaints center. On the three day of the holiday in the center received a total of 377 reports (359 complaints, report 18), an increase of 15% to 336 answers to all kinds of advice. Among them, network sales accounted for 45% of the complaints; food (36), (29) Internet service, catering and accommodation (22), courier service (21), Home Furnishing activities (19) and among the top complaints. During the holiday, 12315 food center received 36 complaints, all complaints in the first type, which relates to the moon cake 26 consumer complaints, an increase of 30%. The complaint focused on the moon cake coupons "delivery", the operator is not timely delivery of moon cakes. As of September 15th, consumer Kang calls, to a certain brand of moon cake coupons to the designated stores from moon cake, only to be told "no goods". In September 16th, consumer Jiangmou calls, ordering a moon cake through the Internet, agreed in September 14th delivery, but operators fail, and prevarication. Internet service complaints and catering accommodation complaints followed, there were 29 pieces, 22 pieces of complaints mainly related to Internet access failure, network game dispute, online transaction service delay, hotel reservation service, catering and accommodation disputes inconsistent with the agreement etc.. If consumers Lee calls, in the operation of the network game in the process of the account was closed, the virtual property is damaged, contact the operator has been eroded. But by the super typhoon "Meranti" and other factors, during the holidays courier service complaints and transportation complaints also increased significantly compared to previous years, there were 21 and 14, while last year the figure was only 10 and 4. Consumers reflect the main issues including express delivery, delayed flight cancellations or delays caused consumer dissatisfaction, operators related quality of service and emergency strain capacity should be improved. Such as the September 16th consumer Zhang calls, number of days ago commissioned a courier company will be an object from the Shandong to Shanghai express delivery, but has not yet been served. September 15th consumer Liu calls, online shopping a Shanghai airline ticket to fly to Malaysia, because of flight delays, and operators to negotiate has not been properly respond. Hot news: Shanghai 2040 planning interpretation: Shanghai actively prosperity retreat this month Shanghai amount will increase more than 1000 transaction settlement date has been adjusted to resolve the housing bubble risk and how to avoid the tune higher Jiangwan in sheep grazing place tight enclosure neighbor people Shanghai District Changning Xin Lan District murder of the deceased son by the police to control the weather forecast Shanghai: windy weather continued to the end of September or the hot weather tonight

市工商局中秋共接投诉359件 月饼券提货难快递收不到 月饼是中秋节必备礼物。   本报讯 近日,市工商局发布2016年中秋假日期间12315中心消费者投诉情况。在三天的小长假内,中心共收到举报377件(投诉359件、举报18件),同比增长15%,及时解答各类咨询336件。其中,网络销售类投诉占45%;食品(36件)、互联网服务(29件)、餐饮住宿(22件)、快递服务(21件)、家居用品(19件)等投诉量居前。   假日期间,12315中心接到食品类投诉36件,居所有投诉类型之首,其中涉及月饼消费投诉26件,同比增加30%。投诉内容集中于月饼券“提货难”、经营者递送月饼不及时。如9月15日,消费者姜某来电称,持某品牌月饼礼券到指定门店提取月饼,却被告知“无货”。9月 16日,消费者江某来电称,通过互联网订购一款月饼,约定9月14日送货上门,但经营者爽约,且搪塞推诿。   互联网服务类投诉与餐饮住宿类投诉紧随其后,分别有29件、22件,投诉内容主要涉及互联网接入故障、网络游戏争议、在线交易服务延迟、宾馆预订服务纠纷、餐饮住宿与约定不符等。如消费者李某来电称,在运行网络游戏过程中账号被封、虚拟财产受损,联系经营者却遭推脱。   而受超强台风“莫兰蒂”等因素影响,假日期间快递服务类投诉与交通运输类投诉较往年也增幅明显,分别有21件和14件,而去年同期该数字仅为10件和4件。消费者反映的主要问题包括快递件延迟送达、航班取消或延误引发消费者不满,相关领域经营者服务质量和应变应急能力有待提升。如9月16日消费者张某来电称,数日前委托某快递公司将一物件从山东递至上海,但快件迟迟未送达。9月15日消费者刘某来电称,网购一张上海飞马来西亚航空机票,因航班延误,与经营者交涉却未得到妥善回应。   热点新闻:   上海2040规划解读:上海要主动进行繁荣的退却   本月沪牌额度将增加千余辆 成交结算日期有所调整   化解房价泡沫化风险 如何避免越调越高   新江湾城惊现圈地放羊 放牧地点紧邻居民区   上海长宁馨兰小区发生命案 死者儿子被警方控制   天气预报:   申城大风天气持续到今夜 9月底或出现秋老虎相关的主题文章: