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The Clippers experimental side effect good team of 6 players embarrassed to eat T prince also can not ah 123 than 115 to win the game against the Raptors, there is one detail, can reflect how much the boat today to relax. In the middle of the fourth quarter, a very normal change after the boat actually appeared six players on the field situation, this should be Austen Reeves was replaced by standing in the corner position of the line three, is also preparing to attack the ball…… As a result, the six people on the court in the presence of the situation, speedboat to eat the game only a technical foul. For the clippers, the game is more like a time on the team to adjust the allocation of time, in this way to test different combinations of the lineup, it may achieve what kind of effect. For example, in the first quarter, coach Reeves Paul played for ten minutes to put him off, for a long time, he is the second player in the squad with a hit, and the other is the use of small time, Jordan, Austen, Reeves, Griffin collocation Crawford or Felton etc. "Doug is to want to make some changes, for example, according to the plan, Griffin and I may be in the middle section of the first time was off, then in the second quarter began shortly after being put in this way, the whole time does not have what change, rhythm and ever," Paul said, "but we are not going to consider these questions. We are in accordance with the layout of the coach, and strive to play our game, and then in different time periods, as long as the game, we must strive to keep the team in a rhythm, whether it is offensive or defensive. Change, nothing more than to too many fouls, or tired players to prepare, we is trying to get better rhythm now, let everyone play more smoothly." As Paul said, the whole boat a are subdued, although the game has also been rivals will score, but the first in Reeves sent players after just four rounds, the score will be opened easily. Three ball Reddick, Jordan rebounds, including Griffin’s attack inside, let the Raptors unable to parry. Especially in the outside attack, Reddick 4 points and three shots, are almost no defense in the case of completion. "Now he’s shooting is really good, but if you see him in training the hit rate and hit those unbelievable goals after the scene every day, you would like us to estimate will not be so surprised," said three of 4 shots in the 3 Reddick, and Paul got a team high 26 points Griffin Reddick said, "every day rhythm is the same, every training is very perfect, rightly or wrongly, everyone will be on Reddick’s shot was surprised, but I want to say is, when you see if Reddick do something every day after perhaps, you will really understand why he is so good." Coach Reeves for the team in the match ups and downs, many still unhappy, for example, he said the team felt somewhat, the Raptors on the previous day after losing a very bad mood, may be affected, "but I P相关的主题文章: