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The difference between the option volatility soared to more than around the high yen may have to happen? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial news (Hongkong) news in the global focus of Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen speech on Friday, the difference in the volatility of the dollar and yen options soared to the highest level since July of this year. It also shows that the volatility of the dollar against the yen intensified this week. This week, the market for the Fed will raise interest rates during the year, the Bank of Japan will relax policy expectations, the dollar yen will be recorded more than a month since the first weekly gain. According to Peng Bo reports, 1 month U.S. dollar implied volatility on Tuesday (August 23rd) rose to 14.9%, the highest level since July 25th. Its premium over the 1 cycle contract on Wednesday (August 24th) expanded to 4.3 percentage points, based on the closing price of the highest level since July 20th. (source: FX168 financial network, Peng Bo) "(Jackson Holzer) after the end of the meeting, to raise interest rates this year, the expected probability may still be five minutes or so, and will quickly return to a state of data looking for direction," the Royal Bank of Canada in London global currency strategy director Adam Cole said. It also pointed out that, in general, investors believe that the Bank of Japan will have some easing, the yen will fall. But there are so many uncertainties in the two directions that the volatility is rising." Japan’s central bank and the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting will be held in September. The Bank of Japan will announce interest rate decisions at around noon on September 21st in Beijing, the Federal Reserve will announce interest rates at 2 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday! On the September meeting of the Bank of Japan, according to a Reuters survey released today, most analysts expect the Bank of Japan (BOJ) next month will further relax monetary policy, in addition, many respondents speculated that the Bank of Japan may also adjust the wording of the inflation target. In addition, Templeton emerging markets group (Templeton Emerging Markets Group) executive chairman, "emerging markets Mobius Godfather" (Mark Mobius) today that if the Federal Reserve (FED) suggests a reluctance to raise interest rates, the dollar rose to 90 yen, Heitian easternflair (Haruhiko Kuroda) will decide to take action, "helicopter money" to come, the fastest possible next month. About the Fed’s September meeting: Despite the recent release of hawkish Fed officials repeatedly, the market expected the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will also deliver a hawkish speech tomorrow. The United States Securities Depository Clearing Corp (DTCC) senior investment analyst Shawn Wang said the Jackson Holzer annual meeting of global central bank, Yellen is likely to be released hawks signal. But even Yellen in the Jackson Holzer meeting released hawkish signals, but according to the current market expectations, and the Fed rate hike in September is probably consistent, out of reach, the dollar bulls can be on相关的主题文章: