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The famous ancient house story: Su Dongpo father to debt relief for the poor do not buy a house – Sichuan Channel – original title: the famous ancient house story: Su Dongpo father to debt relief for the poor do not buy a house now, buy a house is a major event Chinese, but at different times have different performance. In ancient times, Bai Juyi, Su Dongpo and others have struggled in the house, they left the poetry, people can feel the passions. Bai Juyi, an official in Changan for eighteen years to buy a house in the year 800, Bai Juyi is twenty-nine years old, he came to Changan to visit the literary star Gukuang, Gu Kuang read his name "Bai Juyi" three characters, jokes: "the price of your home, also Fuyi." Gu Kuang read Bai Juyi’s Poems ("Lili original grass, one year old coorong. The fire is burning, the spring breeze is blowing." ) after added: "Tao language, Ju Yi yi." Even so, but Bai Juyi later experience, or to prove a point: Changan is not easy. 803 years, Bai Juyi was thirty-two years old, has passed the Ministry of rites of the imperial examination and official Department of the examination, the first job: do the collator in the Secretary of the provincial (like a senior editor now state press). Good luck Bai Juyi, entering the career, the court has adjusted the salary of officials, not only no longer wages stopped or reduced, but also want to, officer wages were raised, lower civilian can receive salary, than Li Baizuo Hanlin gongfeng then much higher — Li Bai works in the Imperial Academy, the monthly salary of less than 2000 (on a purchasing power equivalent to less than 1000 yuan), and Bai Juyi collator, but received 16000 of the monthly. When Bai Juyi took office, the rebellion has ended, the social economy recovered, compared with Li Bai, then Bai Juyi coins did not devalue the still equivalent to RMB 5 angle. His monthly salary of 16000 yuan, equivalent to RMB 8000 yuan, this salary is not low. Rely on these salaries, Bai Juyi can buy it? Can not. Bai Juyi recalls: "in nineteen years of spring, to choose and granted diocesan apartments, collator, began in Changan for vacation he was so close in Changle private booths and east of the country." Changle in Changan City, a district located in Dongcheng, probably, very remote location. What this means is that, in the year 803, Bai Juyi made a collator, went to Changan Dongcheng Changle, a pavilion rented home late sowing related slaughter, settle down in there. 805 years, Bai Juyi, who has been a school book for two years, wants to move his mother and brother from Anhui, Changan, to live with his family,, and Bai Juyi. However, he rented the pavilion and household, certainly nervous. It is impossible to buy a large set of his current income and savings in Changan. What shall I do? Bai Juyi went to Shaanxi, Weinan, bought a house in the countryside of Weinan. The prices are very cheap, Tang Zhenyuan twelve years (796 years), a man named Lu Chuansu officials, he sold in Jiangsu Taizhou purchase a village courtyard, including Fangqianwuhou)相关的主题文章: