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The first baby should learn to prevent secondary perineal tear? – Sohu for maternal primiparous mothers, perineal tear prone to childbirth, female labor protection of perineum is very important. When the delivery of fetal head is the most critical step in the process of delivery. When the fetal head going through vaginal delivery, vaginal opening and surrounding tissues due to fetal head falling by oppression, visible local expansion became thin or shiny, at this time, if not pay attention to the protection of perineum, perineal tear may not only, or even have to tear the anus. If the medical staff that there is the possibility of maternal perineal laceration, perineal resection for women. The side cutting after the midwife can help the fetus with the uterine contraction slowly after fetal childbirth, childbirth, and good incision suture. In this way, it can not only prevent the perineal laceration of the mother, but also prevent the damage of the fetal head for a long time. Learn more about motherhood knowledge, you can also join the national health good mummy club QQ group, there do not understand the questions at any time, we will reply in the first time. And interact with their mothers, in the interaction of learning knowledge, training skills. QQ group: 212150626, we are waiting for you oh, fetal head began to dial dew, according to the routine perineal irrigation, disinfection shop towels. Midwife standing in the maternal right, right hand thenar part of light according to the fetal occipital, make fetal head stoop; right hand four fingers (except the thumb) into the posterior vaginal wall perineal, with finger push outward and downward expansion, stop intermittent contractions. So repeated several times, so that its full expansion, then the fetal head gradually decreased, the right hand in the perineum at the junction of the pull side to observe the expansion of the perineum, to prevent perineal tear. If the head of the fetus after the crown expansion of the right hand to stop. When the head is about to delivery, bregmatic exposed, at the center of the thenar muscles and palm pressing maternal perineal body midwife right, but should be exposed from the perineum after joint edge is about 0.5cm, easy to observe the maternal force size, midwife timely grasp of the pressing force according to the size of maternal effort. When the head a crown after the midwife to the left thumb, forefinger respectively light stripping the fetal head with bilateral fetal head delivery, left thumb and forefinger and maternal labia minora light stripping down to push the right protection of perineum. The maternal protection of perineum what needs to be done when the maternal fetal head delivery should slow delivery speed, too fast will not do the perineum protection. At this time, mothers should closely cooperate with doctors and midwives, among which the most important is to grasp the breath, when contractions, were going to do the following steps: legs, waist bent apart and try to relax, do not force the limbs relax, hands on both sides of the bed mouth slightly open, short and shallow breathing to mouth breathing without exertion, like panting after a long run, the issue of "ha ha," listen to the voice of the midwifery personnel command, when the arrival of contractions in a deep breath hold, hold hands on both sides of the bed, against the jaw as hard hard like defecation. Clinically, there are some of the following circumstances, the need for episiotomy. 1, poor elasticity, perineum vagina narrow or perineal inflammation, edema, estimation of fetal disengagement would inevitably be.相关的主题文章: