The fund long-term holding super bull stock to three years 9 months rose nearly 17 times the highest txplatform

The fund long-term holding super bull stock to three years 9 months maximum rose nearly 17 times the reporter Chen Junling, edited by Zhou Hong Yu Yong in September 22, 2016, ChinaNetCenter closed at 67.93 yuan per share. Despite the decline in the day, but does not hinder the network technology in the past three years, zero, 9 months, a cumulative increase of 1688%. Even more alarming is that the network technology in the five years since 2012, the stock has achieved positive returns every year. 2012 rose 33% in 2013 rose by 445% in 2014 rose by 14% in 2015 rose by $2016 in early has risen by 13.55%. There are a lot of similar stocks. Trimer environmental protection, boss appliances, gold, environment, sunwoda Jiesai technology, Riyadh, Chau Ming technology…… But the Chinese parasol tree, but it is difficult to attract the phoenix. According to the announcement of the fund, the fund can hold the bull stock less than twenty in the past three years. In this huge 1400 active partial shares of the fund, is just a drop in the bucket. Stay together for fruitful returns, but in the thousands of fund managers, "to" Why become lonely runners? Long term fund in Buffett there is a famous saying: do not fall in love with the stock". Meaning of investment decisions when you break, not sentimental. But many fund managers seem to play this sentence to the other side – as far as possible not to stay on the stock for a long time. Carefully observe the various Super bull stock can be found around almost all have gathered a large number of Niugu body figure, but most of them are in one to two quarters to turn away. Subsequently, the stock will enter a longer period of time, and the enthusiasm of the agency at a certain time suddenly burst out. ChinaNetCenter is a typical example, the process of continuous rise in five years, the peak of two institutions enthusiasm. One is from the end of 2013 to 2014, statistics show that during that time, the end of each quarter of the fund holds more than 60 shares. During the hot performance it also indirectly holds red a vigorous style of the fund manager, namely after Ben private often out of the news Chen Yangfan. But by the end of 2014, the number of funds held by the network technology rapidly declined to 33. Of which more than half of the fund is still small holdings. The fund’s interest in the stock was switched from extreme enthusiasm to apathy. The enthusiasm of the fund, until mid was completely restored, as a result of the previous year jumped up, the network technology in 2016, once again become the focus of attention of fund managers. The fund’s semi annual report shows that there are 129 funds hold a different number of network technology, a record. But the embarrassment is that, almost at the same time, the company stopped the pace of the past few quarters of rising share prices. Looking back, in the past three years, there are 252 funds held in different periods of network technology. But the real long held but Xingquan global perspective, Yi Fangda Cotel and Xingquan social responsibility a few fund. Another hot trimeric environmental process more a sigh. Carefully check down, really grasp the environmental trimer for five consecutive years of Opportunity Fund flexor single rose相关的主题文章: