The Hungarian prime minister said the influx of refugees in Europe can avoid the Beijing –

The Hungarian prime minister said the influx of refugees in Europe "to avoid" – Beijing, Beijing, February 25, according to the Russian satellite network 25 reported that the Hungarian prime minister Orban Victor said that the Middle East issue the original wave of refugees into the EU can be avoided. According to the European Union border administration data, 1 million 800 thousand refugees entered the European Union in 2015. The European Commission calls it the world’s largest immigration crisis since World War ii. Orban said in an interview, "in fact, if Berlin and Brussels listened to different opinions last summer, Europe will have only 10 thousand refugee status of immigrants, the number of non controlled immigrants will not exceed 1 million.". We said at the beginning that immigrants should be stopped, registered and differentiated into refugees and economic migrants." Orban policy review of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany’s immigration policy is not no choice, but for Merkel, there is no alternative. According to the German Ministry of internal affairs statistics, in 2015, the country has about 1 million 100 thousand refugees from crisis areas. Media sources say the German government believes that 3 million 600 thousand refugees will enter Germany by 2020.

匈牙利总理称难民涌入欧洲问题“原可以避免”-中新网   中新网2月25日电 据俄罗斯卫星网25日报道,匈牙利总理维克托•欧尔班表示,涌入欧盟的中东难民潮问题原先是可以避免的。   据欧盟边境管理局数据,2015年全年有180万难民进入欧盟。欧盟委员会称此为二战以来世界上最大的移民危机。   欧尔班在采访中称,“事实上,若柏林和布鲁塞尔去年夏季听从不同的意见,欧洲最多只会有1万名难民身份的移民,不受控制移民的数量也不会超过100万。我们一开始就在说,应该截住移民,对他们登记并区分为难民和经济移民。”   欧尔班对德国总理默克尔的政策评论称,德国的移民政策并不是没有选择的,但对于默克尔来说,目前并没有替代方案。   据德国内政部统计,2015年该国境内有约110万来自危机地区的难民。媒体消息称,德国政府认为在2020年前将会有360万难民进入德国。相关的主题文章: