The Journal said the Army test super bazooka combat cruel

The Journal said the Army test super bazooka: combat "murderous" data figure: U.S. soldiers test M3E1 "Carle · Gustaf" recoilless gun. Reference News Network reported on November 8th the "national interest" bimonthly website published in November 6th entitled "the U.S. Army is very destructive test of super bazooka" article, author Robert · Beikusen, compiled as follows: 1946, two Swedish Hugo Abramson and Harald · · Jensen designed "Carle · Gustaf," when it seems like the famous bazooka as just another recoilless gun. With the use of anti tank missiles, many of these weapons have been abandoned for decades to come. However, "Carle · Gustaf" recoilless gun has been retained, and because a role of Abramson and Jensen in the 40s unexpected. For example, because of its range, low cost and ammunition type, it is now also an anti infantry weapon. The soldiers love 84 mm Carle · Gustaf "recoilless gun, the reason obviously. This weapon in the fight against non infantry vehicle is quite practical — especially in the remote case, and can cause a thrilling explosion. There is a small amount of the recoilless gun in the U.S. Army, they were allotted to the special operations forces, and proved very popular, so that the army has widely allotted this weapon. This is not a bad result for a weapon designed to date back to 70 years ago. Of course, in 70 years, many things have changed. Even the army is testing a code named M4 (in the United States is referred to as M3E1) "Carle · Gustaf" recoilless gun new version. Simply, this is actually a very powerful weapon, it uses the rear port from the transmitter burst pressure to push the shells. Rather, it’s not rocket launchers. But "Carle · Gustaf" can launch rockets carrying tiny rockets in order to push the shells further. It is applicable to a range from high explosive shells, anti tank warhead to smoke bombs and bomb dart extensive ammunition. The war in Afghanistan and Carle · Gustaf "recoilless guns in the US Army once again popular a great relationship. Militants from remote and hidden behind the harassment of U.S. troops, making it difficult to fight back. From a hovering flying aircraft or using the "javelin" shoulder fired missile launcher missile can reach far enough, but to launch a missile costs about $80 thousand; to launch a "Carle · Gustaf" cannonball only up to 3% of the amount of the cost. So it’s no surprise that the army is in love with this weapon. Fundamentally, the design of the transmitter does not change. The Swedish Swedish developer of the weapon is putting M3E1 "Carle &middo.相关的主题文章: