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The long march feat forever in the annals of history – Theory – original title: long feat forever in the annals of the long march of the Red Army is unique in human history, this field in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party of the people’s army heroic, changed China also affected the world. Deep understanding of the genetic code of the spirit of the Long March, fully tap the source of spiritual power, do not forget the heart, continue to move forward, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has great practical significance. Dedication is a long rooted in people’s faith and indomitable spirit of writing spirit epic, the spirit has already exceeded the limit of times and countries, and establish a human history a incomparable monument. The spirit of lofty ideal is beacon. In Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party from the army of the Red Army, when the party’s ideal is ideal, with the party’s direction. Witnessed the long march of Marshal Xu Xiangqian said: "this spirit is not baseless. It comes from the lofty ideals of communism." There is a strong spiritual pillar of the Red Army, in a close call, eventually defeated all evil enemy to overcome all the cold fatigue and snow mud, to burst out of a powerful spiritual force for the lofty ideal of the journey, compose incomparable human history English and song. Faith is the inexhaustible source of the Red Army A fighting spirit soars aloft. Marx’s choice of the ideological weapon of the transformation of society, is the Communist Party in many ideas and the road after repeated comparison of the solemn choice. Once identified this road, the Communist Party firmly establish triumphalism. In the Long March, Red Army colonel Dong Zhentang to ensure a smooth delivery of the Red Army wife, led the soldiers to stop the enemy for two hours, he said: "today we revolution is not to fight them tomorrow?" The revolutionary belief such as the spring rain flower, inspired the entire red army. No matter how dangerous the revolutionary situation, how tragic war, the Red Army officers and soldiers to victory always full of optimism, their struggle will always strong. The support of the masses is an important magic weapon for the victory of the red army. In the Long March, the red army always regarded the fundamental interests of the people and the Chinese nation above all else. In October 1935, Chen Yun in the report to the Comintern March when said: "we went to get the support of the masses, it is the fundamental guarantee for the victory of the long march of the red army." The actual operations of the Red Army in the Long March, won the "jiukujiunan Bodhisattva soldiers" title for them, the majority of poor people’s wholehearted support, support and follow. It is because of a high degree of trust, people’s full support and sincere affection, Red Army finally overcome numerous difficulties and dangers, successful completion of the twenty-five thousand known to the world in the long march. Difficulties and hardships Difficulty is the nurse of greatness. every event in history would be a profound degree of influence on the human spirit, make different shades of mark. The Red Army is rare in the world, and create a great feat of extremely hard and bitter spirit, will forever be engraved on China revolution and the history of the Chinese nation. The Red Army soldiers with iron will and perseverance Superman, a pair of feet, across hundreds of rivers, mountain climbing more than 40 Xianfeng, through which is called the "death trap)相关的主题文章: