The lowest temperature drop in Chongqing is only 16 degrees centigrade-kimi wo omou melodi

The cool rain fell the most low temperature in Chongqing is only 16 degrees the newspaper news (reporter Lu Bo) in September 22nd, is the twenty-four solar term in the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox season, climate from hot to cold, the temperature difference between day and night is gradually increasing. According to the weather forecast released by the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, a new round of cooling rain will gradually cover the mountain city today, when the maximum temperature will fall below 25 degrees celsius. Yesterday, most of the city is cloudy or cloudy cloudy, the highest temperature is generally between 27-33 degrees. City of sunshine in the afternoon, the weather is very comfortable to be neither hot nor cold. But the good weather was short-lived, weather is expected today, the west area in our city will be the first to usher in the rain, and will gradually expand to the city, rainfall generally small to moderate rain, local heavy rain, the highest temperature will be several days before the 33 degrees down to 25 degrees, the city will decline to 22 DEG C. It is estimated that the daytime to the night, the Western light rain, local moderate rain, Southeast cloudy cloudy, the rest of the region overcast and light rain, temperature 16-30; 24 day to night, small to moderate rain, local heavy rain, air temperature 16-25 degrees. Meteorological experts remind, after the autumnal equinox cold air has become increasingly active, the temperature decreased significantly faster, the public should pay attention to avoid catching a cold.

今起重庆降温降雨气温下滑 最低温仅16℃   本报讯 (记者 卢波)9月22日,是二十四节气中的秋分。秋分时节,气候由热转凉,昼夜温差逐渐加大。市气象台发布的天气预报称,预计今日起,新一轮降温降雨将逐渐覆盖山城,届时最高气温将下滑至25℃以下。   昨日,我市大部地区都以阴天或阴间多云为主,最高气温普遍都在27-33℃之间。主城在午后出现了灿烂的阳光,天气不冷不热,十分舒适。   然而好天气只是短暂存在,市气象台预计,今日起,我市偏西地区将率先迎来降雨,并将逐步扩大到全市,雨量普遍小到中雨,局部大雨,最高气温也将由前几日的33℃下滑至25℃,主城将下滑至22℃。   预计今日白天到夜间,西部小雨,局地中雨,东南部阴间多云,其余地区阴转小雨,气温16-30℃;24日白天到夜间,各地小到中雨,局地大雨,气温16-25℃。   气象专家提醒,秋分后冷空气日渐活跃,气温降低的速度明显加快,公众要注意避免受凉感冒。相关的主题文章: