The man stole over the region’s only home town, was arrested after the said leakage Robbers also hav

The man stole over the region’s only home town, was arrested after the said leakage Robbers also have their paths original title: Nanjing a man stole over the region’s only home town, was arrested after leakage said recently Nanjing Lishui police Robbers also have their paths, arrested a theft recidivist. This person has just released from prison will return to prostitution, just two months and crazy crime more than 20 cases, almost all of Lishui township to steal. However, after his arrest but says he is ", because he never Robbers also have their paths" in their own villages and towns theft. In June this year, one day at noon, Nanjing, Lishui, Mr. Zhu as usual home from work to rest. Just came to the door and found himself in the yard of the broken glass door, the door has been destroyed. Zhu quickly entered the home inventory items, found a diamond ring to the bedroom and two cigarettes was gone, direct economic losses of more than ten thousand yuan. The following is the thief during peaceful times directly chuaimen come in to steal, this is too rampant! Mr. Zhu indignant to call the alarm call. We found that after the scene, the victims of the door had been kicked the foot of violence, the suspect is likely to take advantage of the victim during the work at home no one by the implementation of burglary. Police told reporters that since April this year, Lishui has been a number of burglary cases, the time of the incident in the day, no one was at home when the stolen tenants. By mid June, Lishui police received a public warning, saying that the day of the morning because had to go home to take things, found a man sneaking around in his own yard. When the loud He Wen doing each other, the man hesitated to say: I am the snake, saw a snake went to your home to come see. Finish saying "calm" to leave the scene. Afterwards, the people go home inventory items, and did not find any loss, but the door is open. Near our house there has never been a snake, where the snake man, is not the thief? The public said to the police. Reporters learned that, after being informed of the important clues, the police quickly identified by the person who is a series of burglary suspects. Upon inquiry, the suspect Shen, a native of Lishui, there are several theft convictions, in March this year, just released from prison. A clear identity, the police will soon be arrested shen. After review, Shen confessed his crime after. Since April this year, Shen has fled to Lishui and more, through the sliding door or chuaimen burglary, theft of more than 20 cases of crime, theft of cash, cigarettes, gold jewelry, etc., involving the value of nearly 100 thousand yuan, the stolen money has been squandered. After combing the case, we found that Shen almost stole all the villages and towns in Lishui, except for its living and phoenix town has not done a case. Police told reporters, but for the reason, Shen’s answer to the police. Shen said, although he is a thief, but also Robbers also have their paths. As the saying goes, rabbits do not eat grass, how can I steal things in their own home. Shen said. Currently, Shen suspicion of theft has been arrested according to law. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: