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Master sleep epilepsy cat to bite up to save a life (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to foreign media reports, Texas man (Glen Schallman) in the United States Grand adoption cat "Black" (Blake) when never thought that one day the cat will to save his life. According to reports, Texas Grand American man because you want to have a pet to accompany him, and decided to adopt a cat shelter. Finally, he adopted the black cat "Black". The Glen with a variety of brain diseases, often spasm in daily life, and sometimes fatal severity of spasticity. One night, he at the onset of sleep, "Black" rushed to his side on his toes, wake him up. Glenn said, but "Black", he was very likely to wake up. Although "Black" are not trained, but after that it began to "take care of" spontaneous Glenn, even can remind the owner to epileptic attack. "Black" around, Glenn said, "Black is God sent his angel.相关的主题文章: