The Ministry of Civil Affairs the identification of poor staff basic pension and social security is mycoolboy

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: the identification of poor staff basic pension and social security is not included in the Beijing – Beijing in October 25, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Assistance Division Deputy Director Jiang Wei said today that the "measures" identified poor staff pointed out that in that poor personnel, basic pension, social insurance can not be included in the part. The Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference today, announced the "poor people and interpretation of cognizance method", and a reporter asked. A reporter asked: "that way in sixth rescue personnel, including basic pension income, the basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance and other social insurance and allowance and other subsidies, this sentence should be how to understand?" Jiang Wei said that this sentence clearly identified within the approach, which is based on the State Council document 14. Urban and rural residents basic pension in endowment insurance is part of the government subsidies, basic medical insurance, old age allowance and welfare subsidies, social security policy is established by the state for all the people of the Pratt & whitney. Under normal circumstances, all citizens can enjoy the general, such as the natural growth of the age, may receive an annual allowance, we regard it as Pratt & Whitney social security policy. Jiang Wei said, the State Council document No. 14 made it clear that the poor personnel comply with the relevant conditions, you can also enjoy the urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, social insurance and social welfare allowance, for example into the scope of the poor can no longer enjoy subsistence allowances, into the poor range of minors can also enjoy the orphans security, and should enjoy the protection of orphans on the plateau. Why in the poor people so? Because of that poor people but also to the family economic status were investigated, to investigate whether no source of income. Approach proposed in determining when the basic pension, social insurance and other parts can not be credited. Jiang Wei pointed out that the poor relief personnel support system is a relief system, poor personnel also have the elderly, there are also the disabled, minors, so there is no identity with welfare subsidies added, but all residents can enjoy the benefits of subsidies to overlay, which is to maintain the fairness of the system the.相关的主题文章: