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The new standard is not difficult to plump plump Wai goddess in fact! Introduction: Recently, skinny beauty is no longer popular, "plump" became the girls pursued, but you think just a meat so simple? Xiaobian tell you responsibly: convex hot body is "fat"! And relative to the concave, seems to have proud breast is the most difficult. Micro-blog hot search also appeared "new girl standard" – chest clip pen, which makes the Taiping princess love why…… Source: Claire network has become a new standard with the goddess, in fact is not difficult to see around the fullness of these has a proud breast star, is not more envy to want to go to SHI! Kat Dennings Kat Dennings "bankruptcy sisters" in the Max image of the people, proud and sexy lips, that she was selected for the 2012’s sexiest woman in the world ranked 30. Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid slightly flesh, but meat just right, so sexy! HyunA HyunA she called South Korea’s dancing female artist, one part has to be considered in sexy stature. The large power power Yang Mi Yang Mi is tall and slender with fullness of the circumference, the body more material after hot mom! Lin Chiling Lin Chiling "sister in the pattern", Zhi Ling sister swimming in the body really envy people! It’s not easy to teach you a few tricks, but you can’t get it through the background. Today, Xiao Jia will teach you some tricks, plump up, make a sexy girl! Exercise, exercise, dumbbell exercise can increase the chest muscles. Each hand holding a dumbbell standing, feet wide open, knees bent. The body slowly bend forward, until your back is parallel to the ground and bend your arms out in front of you, lift your arms out to the side (bent), and then return to the starting position, every time do 3 sets of each exercise repeated 10 times. Two massage, massage bath while some wet rub on the skin; wipe the face, hands on the residual don’t waste, remember easily massage the neck and chest, seems to want to fight to the eye is usually the results of maintenance efforts. Three, the diet therapy should be the gospel chowhound, but also have to pay attention to eat, can not eat fat in your stomach. Recommended breast food: green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. These are the foods that are not fat enough to eat. Four, with high light camouflage camouflage painting a capital in front of the Y word, then slightly deeper than the color of bronze powder to add some shadow on both sides of the middle of breast, so that they appear to have more depth "". Make gradient sense, finally dipped in high light and highlights on both sides of the highest Y font, in order to contrast the cleavage.

丰腴成女神新标准 其实丰满上围并不难!   导读:最近骨感美已经不再流行,“微胖”成了姑娘们追求的效果,但你以为只是有肉这么简单?小编负责任地告诉你:凹凸有致的辣身材才是“微胖”!而相对于凹,似乎拥有傲人丰胸才是最难的。微博热搜上也出现了“新的女生标准”——胸下夹笔,这让太平公主们情何以堪……来源:嘉人网 丰腴成了女神新标准,其实丰满上围并不难   再看看下面这些拥有傲人丰胸的女星,是不是更羡慕嫉妒恨得想去SHI! Kat Dennings   Kat Dennings   《破产姐妹》中的Max形象深入人心,傲人的身材和性感双唇,让她被评选为2012年全球最性感女人位列30。 Gigi Hadid   Gigi Hadid   微肉,却肉的恰到好处,so sexy! 泫雅   泫雅   她被称为韩国最会跳舞的女艺人,其中一部分功劳也要算在性感的身材上。 杨幂   杨幂   高挑纤瘦的大幂幂却有着丰满的上围,做了辣妈后身材更加有料! 林志玲   林志玲   《花样姐姐》中志玲姐姐戏水时的身材着实让人羡慕! 教你几招丰满上围   想要拥有玲珑曲线确实不易,但通过后台的努力也不是完全没有可能达到。今天小嘉就来教你几招,丰满上围,变身一只性感的girl! 运动法   一、运动法   哑铃运动可以增加胸部的肌肉。双手各握一个哑铃站立,双脚小幅度张开,膝盖弯曲。身体慢慢地向前弯曲,直到你的背部与地面平行,手臂弯曲放在你前面,抬起你的手臂向外向旁侧打开(保持弯曲),然后返回到起始位置,每次做3组,每组运动重复10次。 按摩法   二、按摩法   洗完澡趁肌肤还有些湿润时擦上;擦完脸后,手上的残余可别浪费,记得顺手按摩颈部和胸前,看来想搏眼球也是平时努力保养的成果呢。 食疗法   三、食疗法   这个应该是吃货们的福音吧,不过吃也有个讲究,可不能吃胖了你的肚子。 推荐丰胸的食物:青椒、红萝卜、西红柿、马铃薯等蔬菜。这些可是怎么吃都不会胖的食物哦。 障眼法   四、障眼法   在胸前用高光粉画一个大写的Y字,然后用比肤色略深的古铜粉给乳房中间的两侧加点阴影,好让它们看起来比较有“深度”。做出渐层感,最后沾取高光粉,在Y字型的两侧最高处做提亮,以此反衬乳沟。相关的主题文章: