The next battleground Vanke or board of directors for election and deep cooperation is expected to b googims

The next battleground Vanke or board of directors for election and deep cooperation is expected to be yellow hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money never thought, less than three months. A stock is the stock of the leadership let me buy it earned more than 40%. This is the case: it is well known that we do this line, every day the whole big news. In recent years, we have always been grateful to Vanke gray, migrant workers to provide a lot of gray material. June 27th Vanke held a general meeting of shareholders from the company, the stock suspension has more than half a year, the restructuring plan proposed by Huarun and treasure to publicly oppose, and immediately to the resumption of the stock, the degree of concern to the media as can be imagined. But most of them are blocked outside the door, why? Because this is the opening of the general meeting, the shareholders can enter. So, when the general meeting of shareholders Vanke chunqiangshezhan, like a raging fire, a public media quietly sitting in a conference room to see the video, issued a "live" report. After coming back, the leader said: this will be a lot of Vanke next estimate after the resumption of the yaoezi, you hurry to buy, a shareholder, convenient reporting. Therefore, the resumption of Vanke fell third days, I shot. At that time, the media reported Yao boss shot again, and I smiled, deep work and name. In the first 15% or so after the fall, today, I achieved a yield of up to 41.96%, which is my best since entering the market. Pity and hateful, at that time the leadership requires only buy 100 shares, and I was so obedient, really only buy 100 shares. Vanke dispute about the matter, have rotten street. Now, let’s give you a couple of dishes. 1, the male If You Are The One off all shareholders Vanke H shares of China Vanke bought recently are stopped, a man named Chen Jingyang before If You Are The One male guest appearance. In March 24, 2013, the Hongkong boy appeared in the ugly in appearance If You Are The One program, is the identity of media reporters, financial columnist, usually just writing the manuscript, a business trip, wearing the sweater. Eventually all the lights out, there is a female guest complained that her lamp is broken, I saw him come out to want to turn off the lights". This is a sad story of a 29 year old single Wang, who changed his story at the age of 32. He was in charge of the capital letter Weili, Vanke H shares of the top shareholder. According to the stock exchange to disclose information, since August 9th, the force of the letter of capital holdings Vanke H shares, the shareholding ratio rose from 7.32% to 11.54%, becoming the largest shareholder of Vanke H shares (the second is JP Morgan). The average price of 20 Hong Kong dollars, costing more than HK $3 billion. In Chen Jingyang’s personal profile: micro-blog, is a love of speculation in the stock market before the financial reporter, earned less money, opened a flagship investment in central, once in the billions of dollars of ratings相关的主题文章: