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Bana another year – tourism Sohu Equinox flower, open one thousand years, down one thousand years, mosaic will never meet, love is not causality, doomed to death, to know is not love, in this life can not reach the other side, remove all the memories and joys and sorrows…… Spell obsession into flowers, do not come loose, not divided, by Buddha in the Yin and Yang of the two circles, a demon flower, warning after every soul: great if not great, remember not to forget. Equinox flower also called Lycoris radiate, is open in heaven the legend of red flowers, this flower is a flower, flower is magical, awaken the deceased’s memories, is the only color that lives on the road with the soul is greatly discerning and apprehending, this flower guide to heaven. For those of us who have not yet known, are painful, separation is bitter, Equinox flower is the expression of sadness, grief is sustenance. Different flowering periods have different versions, called spring shore open before and after the spring equinox, called autumn shore open autumnal equinox. Pro campus southeast corner of the tree from the bottom of a piece of the other side of the flower, I do not know who is deliberately sowing, campus lively, and few people pay attention to. The day before the autumnal equinox, at a friend’s reminder, I came to this magical flowers, the sky was clear, whirling, Equinox flower in the autumn wind howling in it was a wild, like a raging fire. When the stars leave, whether or not in such a red flower hovering between? In paradise "as fire on the road, filled with memories of the past and don’t give up on the dust? Read and this, could not help but want to touch with his hand, but finally had to put down, read in my body has been kept for too long, do not want to be so meticulous possession. Stand in the flowers, just like to run 3 km, don’t know is excited or shock, if the flower can really hope the stars channeling, my heart a little bit ahead, let me believe that the circle of life, the other side of the existence of perception. Although you are my great stone old souls, as long as this still, the emotion will finally be bearish to see through. The other side of the flower is not heartless flowers, it is the most perfect interpretation of love: even if there is no result of love, the other side will bloom flowers. Miss, don’t meet, bloom in their own patterns, any time the change of frost all over the sky. Setting sun, the temperature becomes lower, the petals is charming, his charm, obsessed I almost forgot the time, cooling the way back. Think of Faye Wong’s song "Equinox flower": "see out, disappear remember, I stand in the far-off regions, hear the soil seed……" Under the sun, I stood in the campus to listen to the other side near the flower, sorrow is the old poem, tonsure into the picture, there is no way I can leave any tears as before. Bana year, mosaic living together, the world is wrong, my heart in between the flowers made to.相关的主题文章: