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The price drops ride jumped 20% in response to monopoly prices said following the "network about cars since the deal" was published, especially a bit after the acquisition of excellent step, "price drops" message will continue to stimulate the sensitive nerve of the passengers. Since last week, the price drops again rose. After the adjustment, the city of Beijing one person starting price (including three km mileage) from $10 adjusted to 12 yuan, since the per kilometer charge raised from $1.5 to $1.3, or about $20%. If people from Wangjing ride carpool to Financial Street now than before to spend nearly 6 yuan. Less than a year the price drops two times before using the ride frequently encountered no drivers are willing to take a single, but I believe the price is likely to improve." A frequently used passenger told reporters. But he also questioned, "if the ride continue to increase, will certainly attract full-time driver orders, then also called" free ride "?" But taking into account the recent rise in oil prices caused by rising car costs, the price may be a good thing for the driver. In fact, this is the second increase in price drops. At the end of last year, drops will ride fees from 1 yuan to 1.3 yuan per kilometer increase. For the ride of price adjustment, drops responded that is mainly on account of the ride orders process, owners of the existence of routing cost and time cost more. In order to realize the reasonable allocation of costs, encourage users to share travel, ride the drops rise in the price of the part of the city. Didi believes that this will help to share the healthy development of the travel industry. Before the Ministry of Commerce interviewed by travel, held a regular press conference at the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang again responded to the acquisition of excellent step China drops travel this hot topic. Shen Danyang said that in August 1, 2016, the amount of miles announced a global strategic agreement with the superior step, the acquisition of the assets of the excellent step china. August 2nd, the parties to the transaction to perform the registration of changes in equity, the completion of delivery. The case had not been declared to the Ministry of Commerce; after causing widespread concern in the community, there are also reports to the Ministry of Commerce to inform the parties not to declare the transaction. Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of commerce is in accordance with the "anti-monopoly law" and the "State Council on the standard for declaration of concentration of business operators provisions", "measures" and the "Declaration of concentration of business operators undeclared business law concentration investigation procedures" and other relevant laws and regulations on the case for investigation according to law. As of now, Anti-monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce has interviewed two times by travel, asking them to explain the causes of transactions, undeclared, submit relevant documents and materials and put forward by the Ministry of Commerce of the list of issues; discussions with relevant departments and enterprises to understand the network about the car operation mode and related market competition. Next, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote the case investigation in accordance with the law, to protect fair competition in the relevant market, safeguard the interests of consumers and social public interests. The car drops equipped tachograph morning, 360 drops of travel and travel platform to achieve cooperation — will be the first batch of 360 pieces of car equipped tachograph, both sides committed to advancing the network about the car road accident responsibility and the identification of evidence, to create a new benchmark for the safety of travel together to enhance the passenger experience. It is reported,.相关的主题文章: