The property market is too fire! Wuxi Housing Association meeting called for developers Jizhao ratio-w-inds.

The property market is too fire! Wuxi Housing Association meeting called for rational pricing – Jizhao developers face financial Sohu in housing and land prices skyrocketing, Wuxi Housing Association convened enterprises held a forum to recommend developers treasure not easily won market opportunities, rational pricing. September 13th afternoon, the Wuxi Real Estate Association held part of the housing prices forum. Vanke, Wanda City, decimating, agile and other brand enterprises and Wuxi’s largest local primary agent and intermediary companies such as the more than and 10 leading enterprises participating. "Today’s forum, aimed at the recent Wuxi land prices rise, housing prices rose too fast phenomenon, we sit together to communicate, call for developers rational pricing, to be in awe of the current market." According to vice president of Real Estate Association Conference in Wuxi city of Hangzhou Wei introduction, meeting everyone’s opinion is more unified, that a few years ago the Wuxi market has been relatively low, developers are very hard to force, not to make money, some developers even want to "escape" in Wuxi. Now I get a good market opportunity, finally ushered in a good opportunity, we must cherish, price must be reasonable, or high prices lead to government regulation, developers’ interests will be damaged. At the meeting, said the government should be rational, can not let the price of land has to pull up the infinite, developers, government, buyers must form a virtuous triangle." Hang Wei so summary. According to surging news to understand, although the day of the forum to a lot of brand housing prices, but recently took a high price of housing prices, one did not come. Did not dare to inform them that they will not be able to come to the point of view may not be the same opinion is not uniform. We also see that some developers conference speaks well, declare not blindly pricing, but behind will rise, because a few years ago thanks to too much, and now finally to the opportunity, the general developers will not miss the sales target and profit target is to increase." A participant in the industry told reporters. This person said that the recent housing prices are expensive to get outside, get not in Nanjing, Suzhou, moved to Wuxi, I hope they can bring the high price of a good product, don’t screw up the project, is a real boost. A few years ago, the housing prices in Wuxi is really hard to force, who was the price of those who died, and now it has not become a white rose. So the forum can play a role, it is hard to say." The person said, the meeting also asked the developers can not in the promotion of pompous, can’t create panic, at the same time for the stock structure of the large-sized apartment products, to use your head on. Hang Wei said that although the HS is only an industry organization, but the government has been more emphasis on the views of the housing association, the meeting will be submitted to the Wuxi municipal government. "I guess the government might not be what the introduction of regulatory policies, but at the end of September and early October the government will have a special seminar, may lead to some policies." Hang Wei said that the current property market in Wuxi has nearly 70% of the buyers are foreigners, so he estimated that the introduction of the introduction of the outside limit policy is still possible, in addition to the transaction tax is also possible to increase the transaction.相关的主题文章: