The rise of the pet economy has bought clothes for people to buy a new flower 3000- yvette yates

The pet economy rise human dog once spent 3000- Beijing Taiwan media: buy clothes, pet dogs have economic rise time to spend 3000 Reference News Network November 15th reported Taiwan media said to buy clothes, more and more families have cute pets up for family members, and is willing to pay a lot of money to eat the cost data show, mainland pet consumer market has reached one hundred billion yuan (RMB, same below) scale. With the increasing number of pets, pet, the average annual economic growth rate of more than 30%. Many pet industry to attract businesses to seize the market, and even a lot of luxury brands, luxury hotels also aimed at pet business opportunities. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported on November 14th, jointly released the dog network and Asian pet Exhibition "2016 China pet industry and consumer behavior survey report" shows that last year, the pet industry market size of about 97 billion 800 million yuan, according to the 32.8% annual growth is expected by 2020 will exceed 200 billion yuan mark. Dog Man Network CEO Jia Tong said that the pet is one of the main ways of leisure after a certain level of economic development, the current China pet user mostly rich empty white-collar workers and professionals, their monthly income from 6000 yuan to 12000 yuan between, and are located in the coastal areas, the average monthly per pet cost nearly 500 yuan. From this year held in Shanghai Asian pet exhibition, pet consumption seems to have spread to the public trend, entering every day the number of nearly 60 thousand people, the more than and 800 brand booth, many consumers shopping more than 1000 yuan a day, more pet clothing exhibitors said consumers to buy clothes will light the dog one-time cost 3000 multiple. The Asian pet exhibition market leader Wu Jinhua said, still further economic development, city aging, fewer children, such as late marriage phenomenon also contributed to accelerate the expansion of the pet pet industry clusters, so there is no doubt the prospects are good.相关的主题文章: