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Religion The author would lead you to believe that there is some secret in life to help you get everything you could ever desire, This secret is no secret at all but something we are taught from early on. Without it we would never have been able to differentiate between when our diapers needed to be changed or when we need something to eat. As a secret we are all wiling to part with our money so that we can learn this so called secret. Last Sunday I took upon a job working for my friend Stuart in Florida. I was to handle all support for a new software launch I was to build all users first 3 sites and with the first customer I followed the documentation that the programmer Joerg had created to dotting every I and crossing every t. Had Stuart let me know up front that in the case of problems I was to be used as a scapegoat then I would have been prepared and after Stuart had blamed everything on me I would not have contacted the customer again knowing that I was to be the scapegoat for any problems. Instead the customer did not like the way the software built the sites for him and after trying all day to reach Stuart I got this message from Stuart that the customer had some issues related to working with me and that I needed to find some other work for the next couple of weeks. I took this to mean that I was just fired after I had taken a leave of absence from my other job to do this work for Stuart. The next morning without receiving any more information from Stuart I called the customer to find out if the customer had any problems with working with me. The only thing I had heard from Stuart was that he needed to find some other work for me to perform where my contact with customers would be limited. Next thing I know I am getting a message from Stuart on Skype that I violated his direct order to not ever have any contact with that one customer and that he would compensate me for the 2 weeks I would lose at my other job but that I was now permanently let go. None of his messages to me told me not to contact this one customer, John, in Colorado. After thinking about everything for a day I finally came to the realization that I was to be used as a scapegoat for any problems that came up and that he blamed all of the problems on me wit the customer until he could correct them. Had Stuart just communicated this with me from the start then I would have known not to call John for an explanation. I was only given the message via Skype that John had some serious issues with working with me again. Nothing else in the message from Stuart and when I tried to call Stuart it would just go to Voicemail. John had just sent me a message 4 hours earlier on Skype thanking me for all of my help so this message from Stuart was very disturbing to me. The same is true with the book "The Secret", we must communicate to a higher power because all through life we are told one thing while we get all these messages via our subconscious that money is dirty. That the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Prayer is just another form of communication. When we are at a club and see a girl that we’d like to meet we go up to her and if while talking to her she is looking at the exit door then the message that her body language is telling us is get away from me. She is using her body language as another form of communication. If on the other hand she is very attentive while we are talking to her and she is constantly looking at us. Twisting her hair around a finger while she is talking to us then the message is hey I want to get to know you more. When you go visit a new prospect and they tell you to please close the door and not to let the door hit you on your way out then they are saying "Hey, I don’t want to talk with you I have other things I’d Rather be doing" if on the other hand they ring their secretary and ask her to hold all calls plus the prospect invites you to sit down in front of their desk then they are saying "Yes, tell me more, I am interested." Today was Friday the 13th and at the start of the day the correlation didn’t register to me but I should have known that today was an unlucky day when my wife went to pick up her check and it was over $200 less than we expected which meant that we could now not put money in the bank to cover the echeck I sent to Bellsouth as our monthly bill and that after paying all other bills we now had no money left over to go grocery shopping or to even get a cup of good coffee at the cafe. Somebody upstairs was communicating with me the whole day today that was telling me I should have stayed in bed. If I go to the movies and while watching the movie the entire theater is destroyed because an airliner crashed into it then this is a pretty clear message that maybe I should not count on there being and the day for me tomorrow. If I decide to take a cruise and the boat sink again I am getting the same message. All these things above all come down to this one word communication. We all must learn how to effectively communicate in order to make it in todays life. In fact, all throughout time we have to know how to communicate to be able to let our parents know when our diaper needs to be changed or when we are sick or hungry. Each cry we uttered back then had to communicate a message. In the twelve steps that alcoholics Anonymous tells us about when we are trying to give up drinking is to trust in a higher power, to communicate wit this higher power. A lot of new businesses their first year will fail in business and a big reason for this is because they have failed to communicate what exactly their business is and how it can benefit customers. My son has created some software and if there was no help documentation on how to work the software then he’d have a lot of customers wanting their money back and all of this boils down to a lack of communication. If my son new that customers needed instruction and he gave them these instructions then his customers would be satisfied and there would be virtually no customers wanting their money back. A lot of these big businesses fail because they did not learn this important fact. They either were not able to effectively communicate with customers or maybe their employees or suppliers. Look at todays paper and any company that you see that is filing bankruptcy I guarantee that if you were able to see everything that in the end you would come to this same conclusion the company failed to communicate effectively. If this Secret were taught to us early in life, the true meaning then there would probably be a lot less hunger, poverty, and crime in this world. Basically everybody is learning just like hoe I learned to sell. I was put on the sales floor with no training of any sort and it was up to me to sink or swim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: