The Silicon Valley cries! Why the United States does not support technology heavyweights Trump took antik

The Silicon Valley cries! Why the United States does not support technology heavyweights Trump came to the United States presidential election preliminary results of Trump Sina Technology Jiang Yiqun announced, the Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump defeated the Democratic candidate, former Secretary of state Hilary · Clinton won the presidential election, will become the forty-fifth president of the United states. Now the Silicon Valley technology heavyweights heart is broken, they have said to Trump, because these years also in the limelight of American science and technology industry and was not set Puming trone. Before, all the chiefs have come against Trump, and the Silicon Valley is not good for Trump. Now, let’s check the Silicon Valley giant’s attitude to Trump: Apple CEO – Tim Cook: Trump is forced to Apple CEO Cook Cook although not publicly expressed opposition to Trump, but he does not love Trump is an open secret. Trump claimed that Apple will let the factory moved back to the United States, or higher taxes, which have been in the overseas production of iPhone apple a lot of pressure. But Apple refused to cooperate with the FBI to the terrorist suspects iPhone unlock, so Trump called on Americans to boycott Apple products, this is forcing Cook to stand up against the rhythm. So Cook made a series of substantive efforts to stop President Trump as President: first, Apple announced that it would not support the Republican presidential campaign, and then held a fund-raising dinner for Mr. Hilary. There are even rumors that Cook attended a secret meeting of the scientific and technological circles to discuss how to stop President Trump. Facebook CEO Mark – Trump is too close to the Facebook CEO of the antipathy against the majority of the focus on the issue of racial diversity in which Mr. Zuckerberg’s antipathy towards Mr is on the. Trump once said, in order to prevent illegal immigration into the United States, to tighten immigration policies, but also repair the Great Wall plan at the Mexican border. Zuckerberg said publicly: "I heard some voices of fear, called on people to build a wall,…… Sluggish migration flow." At the same time, in the Trump attack Muslim immigrants, small bundle also openly stand out to refute. In addition to a small bar, Facebook and do not love Trump. Facebook co-founder Hilary Moscovitz to donate $20 million; Facebook employees jointly to a small bar to prevent the success of the Trump campaign to Facebook. Amazon CEO Geoff – Bezos: I should have sent Trump to the Amazon CEO Bezos Trump space again and again in the three Twitter attack on the Amazon, Bezos said "what to buy" Washington Post to evade taxes, finally let Bezos can not endure. He said, welcome to the media and tax inspection, election officials should also be detailed. Bezos even said he would give Trump a place on the rockets. Clinton, founder of Microsoft – Gates: or the founder of the good Microsoft – – but also did not like the United States, but the United States, as the old driver of the technology industry, – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – founder Bill – – – – – – – – – – – – – but also.相关的主题文章: