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"The Silicon Valley hundred years history" author Allen? ": Chinese can copy Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is almost the world science and technology Sohu, innovative entrepreneurs mecca. As the "Silicon Valley hundred years" history of the author, Allen? "Recently opened his first visit to china. In October 26th, he attended the 2016 annual meeting of the Chinese industry in China, jointly organized by the Chinese happiness and other institutions, said Silicon Valley can be copied. According to the theory of comparative advantage, China over the past thirty years is the advantage of cheap labor and huge market dividend dividend, with labor costs rose sharply, Chinese must put labor advantage into technological innovation advantage and capital advantage, must learn the Silicon Valley model, innovation driven industrial upgrading, landing the supply side reform, push forward economic restructuring. So, in the end what places can be landed in Silicon Valley mode? Professor Li Daokui in Tsinghua University School of economics and management industry will be done "Chinese conjecture, the economy is still adjusting, is likely to emerge one is neither Shenzhen nor Hangzhou, more distinctive than their industrial town, for example, China’s industrial town of happiness, we are looking forward to." To copy the experience of Silicon Valley Silicon Valley, the first step must be to understand, how to make the Silicon Valley model. In the Allen Rao opinion, Silicon Valley? The formation of at least seven factors, such as government promotion, innovation mechanism, talent, culture, University and so on many adventures. First of all, government power is the original source of the Silicon Valley model. The earliest Silicon Valley technology companies, both CISCO and HP, and the U.S. military are closely linked, although the United States government is not owned or holding companies, but the government is the main gold, the shareholders of the company and the initial customer. After the cold war in 1958, the United States in order to exceed the Soviet Union in the air force, in Silicon Valley to build a military organization DARPA. The Department in order to realize the automatic driving, had to spend huge sums of money gathering talents, after 18 months, their car 240 meters, which was the best automatic driving technology. Moreover, DARPA after mastering these techniques, and not themselves, but the technology is open, sharing to the Silicon Valley companies, then, Ford, Google and other companies started to develop the automatic driving technology, automatic driving began to enter the commercial landing stage. In short, the government’s encouragement of innovation, Silicon Valley is the first development of the key forces, indispensable. Second, the first-class university, scientific research ability, innovation incentive mechanism perfect. Silicon Valley gathered around the world’s top universities: Standford, Berkeley and California Polytechnic and other world-renowned universities. First class universities have brought in a first-class talent pool, the Nobel prize winner in the entire Silicon Valley in the United States second. And one of the founders of the Silicon Valley, is known as the "father of Silicon Valley" of the Stanford University Institute of Technology Professor Terman. He set up a Silicon Valley’s largest industrial research center, the center of the Silicon Valley has laid a strong atmosphere of scientific research and innovation. The founder of many Silicon Valley high-tech companies are dropout, and this trend is also the origin of Professor Terman. His body相关的主题文章: