The technology 6 years ago in the 5 million lottery pick in 450 thousand through this trick

The technology 6 years ago in the 5 million lottery pick in 450 thousand through this trick 5 million man six years ago now to get 450 thousand saying: Diamond cuts diamond., more than one mountain high mountain. This does not, the morning of September 26th, the Fujian lottery center there is such a love of sports lottery chart of loyal fans, two times the provincial sports lottery center Duijiang he is at home. Originally, in early September 16, 2010, the man surnamed Chen in 8, multiple choice, took the 36 lottery 7 election 10108th grand prize 5 million, the same is the autumn season, he once again through the selection of the way, surrounded by 7 16206th select 31 lottery first prize in 9, double votes, or get a bonus of 452223 Yuan Wang, the winning station is located in Fuzhou Changle District 7 Wu Hang Zhen unity Shop No. 7 20804 station. Chen said proudly: "I choose the number of tricks." Mr. Chen every day immersed in the lottery play trend chart. Awards lottery customers are very clear mind is a probability problem, but Mr. Chen said in a knack for lottery numbers. 6 years ago, his "36 7" is a combination of 5 million big lottery number 8 chart selected hit the jackpot, he has combined the 36 lottery pick 7 chart selected No. 9 successfully hit the 31 selected 7 first prize, but usually in the tens of thousands of bonuses more numerous. "I will choose, is to find out the secret of this period, for example, is observed in 12, 13, 14, 16203 and 16204 in 12, 14, 16 formed a right angled trapezoid, with 16205 period of 21, 23, I conclude that this period of the right angled trapezoid will shift, so 21, 23, 25; and the maximum number of I the only set to 25, then 7 and 16110th with 36 selected 16111 tail span values, two ends of subtraction is 15, the minimum number of 13, the 28 naturally in the selection range……" Chen is quite professional analysis. Chen also said that he had to spend at least an hour to study the chart. He thought it would take half an hour for a person to calm down. That day he did not intend to buy 31 7, is the side of his wife encouraged him to buy his wife said, don’t always see the pool, maybe no better go in, Chen a, then took up the study charts. So, the winning Chen analysis is a credit in place, behind the support of his wife is a success. And in an hour before the award, Mr. Chen has been in Fuzhou City Sports Center went against the third-prize Lotto 16112nd 50 thousand yuan. The election of the 8+2 in the 4+2, it is a little bit, as long as the 33 into the 32 that the hand of the about ten million, it is a pity." However, just as Mr. Chen pick this set of ideas, believe that in the near future, he will play the lottery jackpot in the digital times. In addition, 31 7 16203rd flowers Xiamen Siming District hexiangxi Road No. 18 97245 station first prize, also appeared to accept the award on the same day. Winning from a 10 number double ticket. Come to receive the award is another Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: