The third world war U.S. media said Russia plans to 85 km outside the United States Department of mi

The third world war? Russian media said the United States plans in the United States border 85 kilometers outside the Army Department – Beijing [Global Times reported] the United States "Morning News" site 30, said Russia plans to deploy troops from the border 85 km north of the Arctic region, which let people see the scene of the third world war". "Morning News" said the Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced the day before, Russia plans to set up in 2018 in the Russian Far East Coast Defense division in Chukotka area, from the southern coast of the Arctic coastal border area to establish a unified coastal defense system, this means that Russia will be in Alaska near the California border region to deploy troops. Reported that this is Russia’s first deployment of coastal defense division, which can increase the Russian naval strategic nuclear forces combat capability". The "Washington Times" said that the Russian troops in the Arctic region is an open secret, Moscow Kremlin has always coveted the Arctic natural resources, and to protect the rights of the future exploitation of regional resources. It is not clear how the United States and NATO plans to deal with Russia’s new tactics. "Washington Times" said that the Russian military analysts Ishchenko said Russia may with the defense division with the deployment of the "Islamic Kandel" short-range ballistic missile system, which will form a threat to the United states. The deployment of Russian Defense division in the Arctic will make Alaska stationed in California El air force base and his army military base at Fort Richardson as in the cold war like sleep pillow. (Xu Zhenzhen)相关的主题文章: