The woman was killed by suspected cohabitation ex husband cut neck playing mahjong lost 100 yuan (vi-zhuxianduowan

Deyang woman was killed by suspected cohabitation ex husband cut neck playing mahjong lost 100 yuan Guanghan woman playing cards lost 100 yuan by her ex husband cut neck killing Friday (4 days) evening, Guanghan (micro-blog), even the town murder occurred, a middle-aged woman living together to open a restaurant with a knife ex husband killed in their old mother and father. Perhaps the reason is simply that the deceased lost more than 100 dollars in Mahjong that afternoon. 46 year old dead Lee was originally Guanghan goldfish Town, more than 20 years ago married to Lian Shan town. When her daughter was 4 years old, her husband died of illness, but Lee did not leave the house, and her husband who had died had taken care of her mother-in-law. Li’s mother-in-law said they had a very good relationship with their mother in law, and they had never quarreled for more than 20 years. After 4 years of her husband’s death, Lee was introduced to the same age as his divorced Jintang (micro-blog) man, Xue restructured family. Xuemou with her 7 year old daughter married into the Lee family. For some time, the 4 family of this combination has been more normal. Two years ago, two couples opened a restaurant in the town, and Lee’s parents had been helping in the store. Lee occasionally play small mahjong, Xue then love to drink, although the store business is good, but the feelings of two people gradually have cracks. Last June, Xuemou in the store when they face the wife manhandled, took the chair and even beat his wife, also put a knife to the neck of his wife, but this did not start. A month later, two people divorce. But unable to withstand the rhetoric of Xue, Lee chose to continue life with Xue, take care of the restaurant together. In order to express their sincere repentance, Xuemou often take the initiative to cast Lee, help about the game. On the 4 day of the month, that is, the afternoon of the incident, Xue Mou let Lee to the hotel next to the teahouse playing cards. 6 pm, Lee under the table back to the store, Xuemou immediately put Lee called into the restaurant inside the debris, concerned about the victory to play cards. Is the store to help Lee’s parents heard the daughter told Xuemou said he lost more than 100 dollars, unexpectedly Xuemou began to scold: "you don’t use, others soon rushed out, and then pour Li at the door of the blood. Xuemou rode a motorcycle to run, two elderly people not chasing fleeing Xuemou, quickly ran into the room to see her daughter, found her neck kept gushing blood, couldn’t stop. Finally, Lee unfortunately died on the spot. The local police station after receiving the alarm, at the scene of a few hundred meters from the old Hill Bridge will suspect Xuemou control. At present, the local police have carried out further investigation on the case. Deyang (micro-blog) City radio and television reporter Lin Yongbing Liu Jin

德阳女子被同居前夫割颈杀害 疑因打麻将输了100多元 广汉一女子打牌输了100多元 被前夫割颈杀害 周五(4日)傍晚,广汉(微博)市连山镇发生一起命案,一名开餐馆的中年女子在自己年迈的父母跟前被同居前夫用刀杀死。而起因,也许就仅仅是因为死者当天下午打麻将输了100多块钱。46岁的死者李某原本是广汉市金鱼镇人,20多年前嫁到连山镇。女儿4岁那年,丈夫因病去世,但李某没有离开这个家,一直代死去的丈夫照顾自己的公公婆婆。李某的婆婆说,他们婆媳关系非常好,20多年来他们从来没有吵过架。丈夫去世4年后,李某经人介绍与和自己同龄的离异金堂(微博)男子薛某重组家庭。薛某带着7岁的女儿入赘到了李某家。一段时间以来,这个组合的4口之家过得比较正常。两年前,夫妻二人在连山镇开了家餐馆,李某的父母一直在店里帮忙。李某偶尔打打小麻将、薛某则喜欢喝酒,虽然店里的生意不错,但两人的感情逐渐有了裂痕。去年6月份,薛某在店里当着众人的面对妻子动粗,甚至抄起椅子殴打妻子,还把刀架在了妻子脖子上,但这次最终没有下手。一个月后,两人办了离婚手续。但经不住薛某的花言巧语,李某选择与薛某继续生活,共同打理这个餐馆。为了表示自己诚心悔改,薛某还经常主动投李某所好,帮忙约牌局。本月4日,也就是案发当天下午,薛某让李某到饭店旁边的茶馆打牌。下午6点过,李某下了牌桌回到店里,薛某当即把李某叫进了餐馆最里边的杂物间,关心起打牌的战果来。正在店里帮忙的李某的父母听到女儿告诉薛某说自己输了100多块钱,没想到薛某就开始骂“你不中用,害人的”很快就冲了出来,而李某则倒在门边的血泊中。薛某骑上摩托车想跑,两位老人来不及追赶逃跑的薛某,赶紧跑进屋看女儿,发现女儿颈部不停涌出鲜血,怎么也止不住。最终,李某不幸当场死亡。当地派出所接到报警后,在案发现场几百米远的老连山大桥桥头将犯罪嫌疑人薛某控制。目前,当地警方已对此案展开进一步调查。德阳(微博)市广播电视台记者林永炳 刘进相关的主题文章: