Think gold can hedge Then you missed a few hundred million.

Think gold can hedge? Then you missed a few hundred million Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: gold can only hedge? You missed several billion Huijin news network September 28th — when it comes to gold, many people first reaction is "safe havens"; but in fact may be high risk investment strategy astonishing returns in the next few months, it is heavily investing in gold. Little risk of investing in gold is no doubt. But if only gold as a safe haven, that is missed the biggest investment opportunities. The reasons are as follows: for the Reserve Bank of America has not raised interest rates, and the Federal Open Market Committee in September 21st released a statement on the Fed’s future interest rate hike is expected to decline significantly. Obviously, the Fed did not even seriously consider tightening policy, the dollar and inflation will therefore pressure, which is good for gold. Risk appetite Fed is now in the interest rate hike is not, do not raise interest rates is not a dilemma. If the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, some investors worried that the U.S. stock market may be affected; but if the Fed does not raise interest rates, there are fears that the U.S. economic recovery is not a good picture of the situation. The Fed continued to raise interest rates, the U.S. stock market, the bond market and other concerns will rise, this uncertainty will push investors into the gold market. Don’t say love gold investment guru Jim · Grant, the respected economist whenever gold. "Commodity legend Jim · Rodgers was in 2013 bearish gold investors also said that gold will rise sharply, the gold market may even bubble. Other investors have also made similar expectations, ssgA gold investment company executives recently expected, the price of gold at the end of the year will exceed $1400 an ounce, or 4%; this summer, the Fed news UBS raised halt the troops and wait, expected short-term price of gold to $1400 ounce; at the same time, Merrill Lynch will be short-term price of gold is expected to increase to $1500 an ounce. The mechanism is a good thing, this time not to invest in gold, when? If you want to know the relationship between the supply and demand of gold, see chart will know. Over the past few months, the price of gold continued to rebound. The Fed postponed the decision to raise interest rates to promote the short-term average price of gold rose. However, after the FOMC raised interest rates implied that the price trend has not been affected. Obviously, many factors will affect the trend of the dollar. In December last year, the Fed raised interest rates, the dollar fell sharply, followed by the United Kingdom to lift the referendum to lift the referendum. If in the next few months, the Fed unexpectedly strong, or unexpectedly raise interest rates in November, other currencies will fall sharply against the dollar. However, the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates before the U.S. general election, the yen and the euro against the dollar continued to rise. In the next few weeks, is expected to maintain the current level may even fall further, which will push up on相关的主题文章: